Tim Shaw on Spiritualism, Paranormal Tech, and the C2D1 Haunting – The Big Seance Podcast #99

Jul 27, 2017 | 0 comments

An interview with author, paranormal investigator, and spiritualist minister, Tim Shaw, on spiritualism, paranormal tech, and the C2D1 Haunting - The Big Seance Podcast #99 - BigSeance.com
A candid conversation with author, paranormal investigator, and Spiritualist minister, Tim Shaw. Hear about everything from his fascinating childhood experiences at Lily Dale, to his research into the C2D1 Haunting!

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In this episode:

  • Episode Teaser :00
  • Intro 1:45
  • Story Time! Can you believe it’s episode 99?! Is that possible? I’m excited to share episode 100, which will be with Grant Wilson from Syfy's Ghost Hunters! 2:20
  • Welcome Tim Shaw to the parlor! 4:17
  • Tim has such a fascinating background of growing up with spiritualism and hanging out at Lily Dale as a kid! He also says we should never throw religion out with the bathwater! 8:27
  • More about Lily Dale. Plus, staying grounded. “Just remember one thing. Everything you’re learning here is a great addition to your life, but it’s not to be your life.” 19:10
  • Precipitated spirit painting and bending spoons with Ron Nagy. Let go and let spirit direct you. 27:24
  • Paranormal tech and straddling the line of spiritual and paranormal. 35:42
  • ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication), EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), Spirit Boxes (Radio Sweep), and Spirit Box Enhancers! (Your host is super fascinated with spirit box enhancers right now!) 41:50
  • Tim separates his work with mediumship and paranormal tech and tools. 51:57
  • Tim is the author of The C2D1 Haunting, which your host just finished reading. It is the fascinating true story of the temporal possession of Chris DiCesare (the “ghost boy of Geneseo.”) 1:08:03
  • What’s in the future for Tim? 1:38:08
  • Outro 1:43:52
  • #Paranerd Hashtag 1:45:30


For more on Tim Shaw

Tim's website: SeanThomasProductions.com

Tim's book: The C2D1 Haunting

Twitter: @TimShawGhost

Tim Shaw on Facebook


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