The Story Behind The Conjuring with Andrea Perron – The Big Seance Podcast #98

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The Story Behind The Conjuring Film - An Interview with Andrea Perron, Author and Eldest Perron Daughter Share's the Family's Truth - Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #98 -
Andrea Perron, author and eldest daughter from the family depicted in the 2013 film, The Conjuring, shares her terrifying yet beautiful true story. Plus her beautiful trilogy, the truth about Bathsheba, responding to critics, and future films in the works!

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In this episode:

  • Episode Teaser :00
  • Intro 2:14


The Story and the Trilogy

  • Welcome, Andrea Perron! 4:53
  • “I put everything on the line to tell this story.” Turning a decade of experiences into a manuscript. 6:05
  • “I’m working on screenplays right now for each one of the books, and in the next year or two the films will start to be released, one at a time.” 7:48
  • The truth behind the Conjuring story. And Andrea has no resentment at all toward the 2013 film, The Conjuring8:09
  • The collective memoirs of an entire family’s haunting, yet spiritual journey. 10:30


Ed and Lorraine Warren

  • When did producers of The Conjuring start eyeing the Perron family story? Plus being a consultant for the film, and the Warren case files. 12:30
  • “…in this rare instance, the truth is stranger than fiction. And ‘The Conjuring' is predominantly fictional.” 15:40
  • “Spiritual malpractice.” The horrific night of the séance, plus the Perron family left the relationship with the Warrens on bad terms. 15:40
  • “Paranormal investigation, doing this kind of research, living in this kind of environment, or even visiting this kind of an environment comes with some inherent risks and dangers. And if people don’t know what they’re doing, it can deteriorate quickly.” 23:25


Keith Johnson and PIRO

  • Crucifixes, slamming doors and windows, and a slap in the face. 29:55
  • More on the Warrens’ involvement. 33:32

“There’s no veil. That’s a machination. That’s something that human beings have literally fabricated so that we can live in a realm that feels safe and secure to us.”

“We thought that ten years later when we left the farm, that we were going to be leaving them behind, and nothing could be further from the truth. Profound attachments were formed and have persisted, lifelong.”

  • We’re surrounded by spirit all the time, and “death is not anything more than a transformation.” 37:58 

“It’s because I’ve seen the dark side of existence that I choose to live in the light.”

  • “I saw a full-body manifestation of an old woman standing right beside me on the hearthstone of the fireplace. And she had every feature, she was a mirror image reflection of me, only of an old woman dressed in clothes from the 1700s…” 41:05


Being the Face of The Conjuring

  • The whirlwind journey of being the face of The Conjuring43:27

“They could not have cast that film better than they did.”


3 Future Films in the Works

  • More on the future film project. 49:15

“There’s no point in making another ‘hollyweirded' up, fictionalized film at all.”

  • “My message is one of peace and love and hope and reconciliation and acknowledgment and acceptance and dispelling fear. And the only way to dispel fear is to embrace it and to thank it for every time it ever saved you from making a bad decision, ever saved you from yourself, ever intervened on your behalf. But when you turn your life path over to it, when you relinquish your own personal power to fear, and you let it live you, then you only live a half life.” 54:25


Controversy and the Facts about Bathsheba Sherman

  • Norma, the current owner of the farmhouse contacted Patrick at a few years ago, with several claims and thoughts on the movie and Andrea's books. 56:45
  • “She walked into the house and she put her hand down on the corner of the black stove in the kitchen. And she covered her eyes and she said, ‘There’s a malignant force in this house. There’s a malicious presence in this house. Her name is Bathsheba.’” 1:00:15


Responding to Criticism

  • Andrea’s powerful and emotional response to Norma’s claims. 1:04:49
  • “And my mother reluctantly turned that notebook over to her, including all of her recollections, and all of her sketches and drawings of everything that she had seen in the house. And she turned it over to Mrs. Warren and she never got it back.” 1:21:05


April and Her Spirit Friend, Oliver

  • Reflecting on the heartbreaking yet beautiful story that is told in Andrea's trilogy, involving her recently departed youngest sister, April. As a child, April developed a very private friendship with the spirit of a young boy named Oliver. 1:22:58


Leaving the Farm

  • A difficult decision 1:30:25


Final Thoughts 

  • Final thoughts and where to find Andrea Perron! 1:34:30
  • Outro 1:41:46
  • Outtake (“A frog got in the house!”1:43:23
  • #Paranerd Hashtag 1:44:10


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