The Legend of the Milton Schoolhouse – The Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal World #50

Dec 9, 2015 | 0 comments

The Haunted Milton Schoolhouse in Alton, Illinois. Interview with the owner on The Big Séance Podcast -
Are trapped ghosts inside the Milton Schoolhouse? Are there mysterious spirits, unrelated to the legend, that call the Milton home? Or perhaps there has never been a ghostly presence in the building. Join me as we chat with Milton co-owner, Meredith, as well as previous guest, Ginger Collins-Justus. Paranormal or not, you MUST visit the Milton and see its current reincarnation! 

“The Milton Schoolhouse is a place for innovators, dreamers, bold visionaries, entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, daring pioneers- and renaissance people.”


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In this episode:

  • Maeva's Coffee Shop at The Milton Schoolhouse in Alton, Illinois. Interview with the owner on The Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal World - BigSeance.comEpisode Preview :00
  • Intro 1:51
  • Take a ride with me! We’re headed to Alton, Illinois for Maeva’s Coffee Shop at the Milton Schoolhouse! 2:24
  • The legend and history of the Milton Schoolhouse, which was featured on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters in 2010. 4:02
  • Troy Taylor’s article from
  • Ginger Collins-Justus and I sit down at Maeva’s with co-owner of the Milton Schoolhouse, Meredith. She introduces us to the Milton and gives a brief timeline of events and renovation since purchasing the building in 2009. 7:52
  • Patrick describes the Milton Schoolhouse and what you’ll find when you walk in. 9:49
  • I begin asking Meredith about the legend. And she gives us a cool behind the scenes look at Jason and Grant’s visit with T.A.P.S. 10:26
  • Is there any truth to the legend? 13:40
  • So what about the reports of hauntings? Is it haunted? And who is haunting it? And what about the evidence from the Ghost Hunters episode? 14:53
  • Riverbend Paranormal
  • Being a respectful landlord to the presence of both the physical and spiritual. (Not getting the answer I apparently was looking for, I kept pestering Meredith about activity in the building.) 15:56
  • I missed the cooler story. What’s the latest news from the Milton? 16:37
  • Templar Brewing Co is moving into the Milton.
  • What does Ginger think? As an intuitive medium, does she sense a paranormal presence in the building? 17:28
  • Ginger is also the owner of Missouri History and Hauntings. Does she think there’s any truth to the Milton legend? 21:02
  • Schools hold lots of energy from decades of students coming and going, memories, experiences, and history. Is it that residual energy that people claim to feel and experience here?  22:51
  • Getting a brief tour of the building, meeting Buford, and stumbling into THE boiler room! 25:06
  • Leaving Maeva’s and feeling silly about focusing on the legend and the paranormal, when there is so much more to the Milton. And why is it that I sleep like a baby in “the most haunted” places? 26:44
  • If you have stories or have had paranormal experiences from the Milton Schoolhouse, please contact me! I’d love to hear about your experiences. 28:36
  • Catching up with Ginger Collins-Justus and talking about some upcoming events she’s planning. Be sure to listen to Ginger’s previous appearance on episode 23 of the podcast. 32:50
  • The Milton is SO much more than a place for paranerds to fantasize about! It’s a super cool community and a place for inspiration. Please visit the website for the Milton Schoolhouse! Visit the “news” link in the menu for a beautiful blog written by Meredith. I read nearly every blog entry. It chronicles the journey they’re taking at the Milton. Many of you might appreciate the post titled Paranormal Preservationists. 36:13
  • Look forward to an upcoming Milton Schoolhouse episode from our friends over at the History Goes Bump podcast! 38:29
  • Hey Meredith, can you repeat that? 39:03
  • Outro 40:06
  • Paranerdal Hashtag 41:41

Thank you, Meredith and Ginger!!

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