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Daily EVP Research…

Now days in paranormal investigation, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) tend to be the most popular form of evidence caught.

As the founder of Missouri Spirit Seekers, I can tell you we are probably a little more cautious at claiming ANY evidence is paranormal than a lot of other groups out there. Therefore, we don’t have a ton of dramatic EVP evidence that we believe is 100% paranormal, but our biggest piece of evidence in the form of EVP is from one of our investigations of Friedens United Church of Christ in St. Charles, MO. Below is a video of this EVP that I put together.



Not all who study EVP do it via paranormal investigations of haunted locations.

There are many people who have a daily routine of recording and communicating with spirits on the other side and those that remain earthbound. Many people claim to also record voices of entities from other planets or galaxies. There is so much to learn about EVP, who we are talking to, and how it works, and in my opinion the study of it is still very much in its infancy.

One of things I like to do occasionally is record random EVP sessions in my home. I’m not really good at being consistent (and that’s important) because life gets busy and it’s not always easy to find a quiet time and place. Before these sessions I try to ground and center and sometimes have a quick meditation. During the sessions I always ask if there are any entities from the light present who are willing to communicate with me to further the study of EVP and life on the other side. I frequently ask to talk to some of the EVP pioneers who have been known to communicate with people around the world. For portions of the recordings I’ll usually use three different kinds of “white noise” that has been known to help entities produce sound and communicate. I also frequently use Stefan Bion’s EVP Maker, which many people use study EVP use. After learning how many people have been contacted through electronic devices, such as a computer, I’ve also been opening a new word document for each session as well. Why not? This kind of documented evidence (and EVP itself) is an example of Instrumental TransCommunication, or ITC.

I’ve not had a lot of success with my personal EVP sessions yet, but I’m determined to keep trying. As I said, I haven’t been very consistent. Starting this week I am on vacation for two weeks. I plan to conduct short EVP sessions daily during this whole time period. I’ve learned a lot from Sarah Estep’s Voices of Eternity and I recently joined the Association TransCommunication (formerly AA-EVP that was started by Estep herself). I’d like to try some new things. I hope to have some things to share with you in the next few weeks.

I highly recommend the following books if you’re interested in EVP.

"There is No Death and There Are No Dead" by Tom and Lisa Butler. They are the current directors of ATransC.


"Voices of Eternity" by Sarah Estep


"Talking to the Dead" by George Noory and Rosemary Ellen Guiley


"Something Unseen" by Stephen Hill

Housing on the Other Side…

Where do we reside when we’re on the other side? Many mediums or “experts” will tell you that building your home on the other side is only a thought away. Just think it into existence. Would you like to live in the mansion that you could have only dreamed about while living on Earth? Would you choose a carbon copy of a home that you already lived in on this planet? Can we live in a type of dormitory or apartment building with groups of souls that share the same interests? Or… would you decide that a permanent residence is not necessary on the other side?

I’ve thought about this several times recently and even brought the topic up in another bog. Well in my reading today I found Sarah Estep (known as one of the great pioneers in the study of electronic voice phenomena) asking the same question in her book Voices of Eternity (1988).

One time before turning her recorder off, Sarah recorded the message “I do want to go home”. The context of the message seems to be unknown.

“The following morning I asked if they had homes in the spirit world. A voice replied, ‘That is very plain,’ and four counters later added, ‘That is right.’

“Twenty-four hours later, trying to get a more specific answer, I asked if the homes in the spirit world were much like our earth-plane homes. A distinct male voice said, ‘We have.’

A few days ago I visited the forums of the Channeling Erik website (I blogged about this website several weeks ago). I suggested asking Erik for details about where he resides on the Other Side. Jason, who leaves no profile information, but seems very knowledgeable on the subject, left this response.

In between lives, manifestations such as homes are created by the emotional thought energy of the entity’s focus. And it is often highly symbolic and depends on their current focus or awareness; Often it is a reflection of their desire for comfort, and experience. It would be a mistake to assume a wrote, law, or category that would provide a consistent frame of reference. That’s why so much of our Spiritual texts throughout the ages are so allegorical. Also why there is so much variation between afterlife data. You can see some of this by going back through the Erik transcripts. When he first arrived he used a house. But as experience, awareness, and activities expand, the need and desire for such often dissipates. When that happens the construct is dissolved back into the energy from which it was assembled. There are entities on the other side that specialize in building for others. Be it dreams or co-experienced realities, or homes. It’s all just a tool to express yourself. The higher level entities tend to work with very abstract constructs, ephemeral, and nebulous. It then becomes about projecting their energy into a construct to interact with you, as opposed to residing in a type of space time. Remember they are consciously operating in multiple dimensions, where we are focused in 3D on this planet. The human concept of where does not apply because he would tend to say something like, “I reside now”. It’s often more helpful to think of spacial relationships not as linear, but as frequencies or harmonics. Think, light, energy, and sound. And think “state of being”. 

For example, many spirits choose to co-exist in a state of communal energetic interconnection as opposed to a home. Others prefer to co-create large or small communities and societies that would appear as a village, city, and yet depending on perspective would appear a blob of light at the same time. Frequently more abstract things are created. For example Robert is fond of a tree on a grassy hill. As I am fond of hanging out in a green house, or cabin in the woods. It just depends. Erik as a guide is most often with those who are his charges as opposed to a particular abode. But even saying that is not especially helpful, as it’s more about being in-tune with their frequency than anything we would clearly understand.


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