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Spirit Visits While You Were Sleeping…

So I had to change my plans for tonight’s blog post because last night I had an interesting dream. I don’t remember dreams often so this was very significant. The details are unclear and I really wish I would have jotted down whatever details I remembered after I woke up. I had either dreamt or astral traveled to the living room of my late Great Grandmother Van Zandt (whom I called Grandma Van).

Grandma Van died when I was younger, but I do have several memories of her. I remember her on holidays and birthdays, and I remember visiting her in her apartment in my hometown. I remember all of the older ladies from her apartment building gushing over me when I visited. I’m sure I got my cheeks pinched and loved the attention. I remember thinking the elevator ride up to her floor was lots of fun. I remember her bedroom having two twin beds that always reminded me of old sitcoms where couples slept separately.

Grandma Van always seemed very tiny, quiet, and sweet.  After she died I remember being in the apartment while my mother and grandmother were going through her things. I think the main reason I remember that day so well is because my grandmother and mother gave me a wooden church with a steeple that had a music box inside. When you wound it up it played Sweet Hour of Prayer, the doors opened, and a preacher popped out. I remember being obsessed with it when my Grandma Van was alive and so apparently someone remembered that. I thought it was so very cool that I was special enough to get the church and I have kept and cherished it ever since. 

Back to my dream/astral experience/whatever it was… I was clearly in the presence of my Grandma Van. She was sitting in her chair in the corner of her living room. She and I clearly both knew that I was dreaming and talking to the spirit of a dead person. She was explaining something to me and I’m pretty sure I remember her trying to calm me or telling me not to be afraid. I woke up with the dream still vivid in my mind, told myself I was going to remember it, and then promptly went back to sleep. I’m so frustrated that I didn’t document it.

I’d love to be able to have some kind of validation that I truly had a visit from or visited my Grandma Van. Or… maybe it was truly just a dream. I believe that our soul leaves our body all the time while we sleep. I think we visit with our spirit guides and other entities as well. I like to think we get special advice and “heads up” on events we’re about to experience when we wake up. To my knowledge this is the first time I remember having such a pronounced experience like this.

**Updates to this post

  1. The church/music box plays Amazing Grace rather than Sweet Hour of Prayer
  2. My mother has informed me that it was my late Great Aunt Caroline and my mother that I was with while they were going through her apartment. 
  3. My Great Grandma Van died on July 29, 1989. 

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