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Roll with the buzz…

This will be an unusual post tonight, but I hope this audience will allow it… because my heart won’t allow any other topics to share the spotlight this evening.

When I’m not blogging (my new obsession), I am a music teacher to a zillion middle school nerds. As you may have read in my facebook post this evening, it has truly been one of the most stressful few months for me ever. I’ve lived at school… I’ve been cranky… I nearly had 14 heart attacks this week. Performance #1 of our musical tonight had me so teary eyed! Some of these kids don’t shine anywhere else. Some of them are going through such hard times. I saw such amazingly talented and professional young adults on stage tonight! I always forget that with middle school students you just have to have faith in them and let them roll! Many of my “old kids” also worked very hard behind the scenes to make it work. It’s like a weird family of nerds that comes together for each other a couple times a year.

Tonight I am on such a high. All the stress and years knocked off my life was totally worth it. Oh yeah… so that’s why I do what I do! (I always forget)

Anyway, it’s nights like tonight that I realize everything is going right. Everything is in alignment. I’m buzzing with energy and can’t shut up (just ask some of the parents I talked to tonight)! I really hope my students are experiencing the same! I’m the proudest music teacher ever!

Now is the time to meditate! I’m on a roll.

Thanks for reading!

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