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Warrior Ghost or Gone in a Flash?

Warrior Ghost or Gone in a Flash? BigSeance.com


Every now and then I receive photos from readers or listeners. Often they come with a subject line like “What do you make of this?” I’ve never claimed to be an expert when it comes to analyzing possible paranormal evidence in a photograph. I don’t even bring it up much. And honestly, when I was out investigating, the photographs were always kind of an after thought. I used photos more for documentation of the surroundings, and never really thought about them as a way to capture evidence. As you probably know, my focus was always on audio.

Like many others in the paranormal field, the photos we often get sent to us involve “orbs”, which most of the time end up being quite obviously explainable. And just as often, it’s an awkward offended reaction that I get when I respond with my usual answer. People want SO BADLY for things to be a ghost… even after someone gives them 30 possible explanations for what they’re seeing. I’m not sure why some folks ask if they don’t want an honest response. And so some of these photos end up sitting in my inbox, or maybe I reply with something harmless like… “Cool photo!”

But this photo was different. I am NOT making a claim that this is paranormal. But isn’t it interesting? You don’t see one like this often. Here’s the information I have from the photo that was sent in by Sarah. I was given permission to share it with you. Sarah writes:

“I wanted to send you this photo and get your opinion.  I just [took] this picture of my daughter’s basketball team in our grade school gym.  There were children running around behind the team prior to me taking the picture but I sat and waited for them to leave before I snapped the pic.  If you look behind the chair of the last girl you can see that the white figure continues down behind her chair.  Please let me know what you think of the photo.
Thank you so much!”


What do YOU think? 

My mind immediately saw what looks like a solid foot or shoe planted on the ground behind the chair. If this were a child running behind the players in the photo, the foot would have been somewhat stationary, at least for the moment the picture was taken. But even then, seeing a solid foot doesn’t mean it isn’t paranormal. It’s definitely something to think about though. 

I also think that if Sarah admits to knowing children had been running around the team prior to the photo, could it be she captured one of them and she just doesn’t remember? That’s probably the most logical explanation. But… even then, I wouldn’t expect such a ghostly, unrecognizable flash of white from a camera in this day and age… even if the kid was super fast! But I could be very wrong. Thankfully, when I mentioned my question about a possible kid running behind the players, Sarah wasn’t offended. She responded very politely with the following: 

“I will tell you that when I took the picture I was not looking at the screen, I was actually looking over my camera to make sure all the children had ran past. I steadied the camera on my knees and watched above it. I actually have a sequence of pictures, one with the kids running past then the one with the figure that I sent you and then one with no one but the team. They are time stamped about 8 seconds apart.”


Surely we have some photographers or experienced investigators out there willing to weigh in with their thoughts or explanations. Is this a Warrior ghost?

And thank you for the photo, Sarah!



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Cemetery of Immaculate Conception of Dardenne, Missouri


On Wednesday of this week, I made some time to sneak away after work to find a few places to take some photos. I decided to stop by a small Catholic cemetery that I pass by often when I’m coming home from work. This was the first opportunity I’ve had to take colorful spring photos with my new camera. Having colors to play with is a whole new experience. On this Good Friday, and especially for those of you who celebrate Easter, I hope you enjoy the powerful monument that depicts the crucifixion of Jesus. It clearly caught my attention.












For more of my photography, including cemetery photos like these, please visit my Flickr page.


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Photo: Old Wooden Podium…

An old wooden podium from an investigation at a church. This podium seemed to give off its own electromagnetic field.

An old wooden podium from an investigation at a church. This podium seemed to give off its own electromagnetic field.

So a number of blogs I follow have been doing a “photo of the week” type of thing. I don’t know if I’ll start a weekly tradition, but for now it seemed like something interesting to try. 


The information below is directly from the report from MOSS’s investigation of Friedens United Church of Christ in St. Peters, Missouri on September 18, 2010. 


Outside the Sanctuary – 1st Visit (Patrick & Norman)


Interesting readings taken around Wooden Podium outside sanctuary

Pre-Investigation we were getting high EMF readings (as high as 1.9mG) that seemed to come directly from the podium sitting in the corner of the room sitting in front of a closet with some equipment in it. The readings did not seem to come from the wall or any objects around the podium… just the podium. It was if you could trace the outline of the podium and get readings and then as you move away the readings faded. We did not move the podium at that time but only noted the high readings to come back to it later. Our pre-investigation base EMF reading for the room outside the sanctuary in general was between 0 and .1mG.

Later on (approx. 1:05AM) during the investigation we moved the podium and did a sweep in the same location of where the podium was. The highest reading was approximately a .2 to a .6mG
except for a spot around the bottom of the cabinet in the corner which gave off a 1.2mG. Wires running underneath the floor?

Wires behind wall in closet gave off .3 and .6mG which is lower than what the podium area was giving off before the investigation started.

Podium after moving it to the middle of the floor was at the highest a .3mG, still higher than the base reading of the room.

Bottom line is, none of our readings were as high as what they were when we took our pre-investigation base readings. And, the podium does give off some EMF itself, even when moved. There are too many variables in this area (wires in closet, possibly something running under the floor) to call it paranormal, but definitely something interesting to point out. I’d love to know its history or if there is anythingsignificant about this podium.

Podium possibly made out of oak on top and birch or pine on the bottom. (Norman is a
cabinet maker)

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