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Memories of the Stanley Hotel…

Several nights ago I took one of my digital audio recorders to bed with me. This, of course, was to see if I could catch spirit voices while I slept. Randall Keller calls these “sleep studies”. They take days/weeks to review. I’ve been managing to listen to about 30 minutes a day. These recordings are definitely not recommended for everyone, because I know several people who would instantly move out of their house if they discovered a voice was talking to them through the recorder on their bed stand. You guys know me well enough by now to know that if I hear that voice I’ll offer them a drink. 🙂 

All of this got me thinking about the last time I did a recording while I slept. It was overnight at the Stanley Hotel with Missouri Spirit Seekers (aka my family) about a year ago. 

My thoughts (and some of the audio) from a year ago…

MOSS stayed at the Stanley Hotel from March 12th – 15th, 2011. Our rooms were located on the infamous stretch of the 4th floor, rooms 408, 410, and 412 (my room). 

Besides Cassie experiencing being touched twice, we are not able to report that we saw or heard any activity. Others around us, however, were claiming to experience activity while we were there. The day we left there was an interesting experience with the maid who was cleaning the room across from 412. She ran out into the hall upset and slammed the door. She was frantically telling the other maid down the hall that something was going on in the room. 

Haunted or not haunted, the history and beauty of the Stanley was worth the trip for me. My favorite part was walking through the main lobby late at night and being the only ones there. The fireplaces lit and crackling, classical music being pumped through the sound system 24/7, ball room, billiard room, and music room available to walk through freely. It was fun to imagine being in a different time. 

One of the things that makes visiting the Stanley for the purpose of its haunted history challenging is that unless you’ve rented out the entire hotel, many other fascinated people are there for the same reason. Some of these people are incredibly… interesting. There are people going up and down the halls at all hours of the night trying to catch a glimpse of the ghosts of the children that supposedly haunted our hallway. While we were there each day, every couple of hours a group of anywhere from 10 to 30 people in a tour would come down the hall to hear the guide tell stories. They would occasionally visit some of the rooms if they were vacant. Some of the guides encouraged the spirits to interact with guests in the tour and several people claimed to have experiences. 

A door shutting out in the hallway sounds incredibly loud and seemed to happen at all hours of the night. Guests? Ghosts? Conversations from any of the rooms could be heard from out in the hallway. Floors creak, wind howls, and it is impossible to know exactly what you are hearing. 

The audio files below are not meant to be evidence of anything, only some interesting audio from my night stand in 412 while we were sleeping. I must note that TAPS and Ghost Adventures have investigated room 412 for poltergeist activity. One of my nights in the room was uncomfortable only because I found one of the videos of investigations of my room and watched it on my phone right before going to bed. Otherwise, room 412 was a peaceful getaway. 

AUDIO: An example of the howling wind in the middle of the night… very Shining-like.

AUDIO: Whistle in the middle of the night… 

This one is interesting.  Was I whistling a tune while snoring? Did this whistle come from outside the window 3 floors down in the middle of the night? Was someone out in the hallway whistling? Who knows. 

AUDIO: Knocks in the middle of the night...

I have NO clue what this sound is but it seems awfully close to the recorder on my night stand. This was also in the middle of the night. 

AUDIO: Early morning thuds…

This was early in the morning about 40 minutes before my alarm went off to get ready for breakfast. This could possibly just be the floor creaking from someone next door or across the hall moving about. Or, possibly someone from the past was pacing in my room waiting for me to wake up. 

AUDIO: Exit door thud…

This is just an example of a noise we think we’ve identified as the exit door at the end of the hallway and right next to my room (412). We noticed that it is easily left unlatched, and a few times during our stay we noticed it opening and closing in the wind by itself. This thud sound happened many times throughout the night, especially when the wind picked up. 

The Return of the Rapper…

In an EVP session a few days ago on April 6th, it seems I may have been paid a visit by an old friend. If you followed my two-week EVP experiment you’ll remember that in one session I recorded quite a bit of what may have been communication through “knocks” or “taps”… in the early days of Spiritualism this was often referred to as “rapping”. Did the same spirit stop by for another visit? Was it another spirit that likes to communicate in the same way? Is it possible that, for whatever reason, my setup here does not make it easy for them to communicate with their voice, leaving them no other alternative than to knock on something?

It will be important to note that after I realized I was in the presence of a knocker, I quickly established a “yes” and “no” answer system. Two knocks = “yes”. One knock = “no”. Also, all documented times for audio are represented in minutes and seconds. For example, one minute and 30 seconds = 1:30. 

Below are segments of the transcript from my 4/6/12 EVP session. I’ve included links to some of the audio. 

11:02 – a knock was heard after asking for a sound

11:38 – a knock was heard after “If you can do that again we can begin to communicate.”

11:57 – I asked the following questions and got no response. “Can you make two of those knocks? Two knocks in a row.”

12:26 – I asked “So maybe it’s not very easy to do two knocks in a row?” No response to this question, either.

12:39 – I asked “Can you do the one knock again? Just one knock by itself?” I received a response of two knocks.

16:06 – possibly 2 quick soft taps after the question “Give me two knocks if you have NOT attempted to speak to me.”

18:10 – 1 tap after “Have I known you ever in my life?”

20:56 – There is immediately 2 knocks (the loudest knocks from the session and both sounding different) after the question “What can you tell me about your family?” I had pink noise playing in the background. 

23:39 – 1 knock after “If you can knock on something, maybe you can touch me” (one knock for “no”?)

I can’t tell you there’s no way that these knocks aren’t from my house settling or the sun heating up the walls or windows. What I can tell you is that I’ve gone through entire EVP sessions without hearing even the smallest tap in the atmosphere around me. A few of the knocks in some of these sessions are just too loud and too deliberate, such as two of them in a row. I don’t ever hear 4, 5, 6 knocks in a 20 minute period in my home. But I asked for them and was receiving them. As I’m typing this though, I must admit that I just heard a knock. Of course. Now what am I supposed to do? 🙂 Maybe the rapper is reading my mind and playing games? Maybe I’m just off my rocker and my 4-year-old home is simply a victim of gravity? 

I also must tell you that there are 6 places in this session where I may have recorded vocal responses… almost all immediately after a question. They are very soft and almost all one syllable. One of them, however,  could possibly be the word “hello?” and goes up in pitch, just like you’d say it if you weren’t sure if you were alone. I’m not comfortable with posting these possible voices yet or claiming that they are EVP. This recording was during the day and there were occasional sounds of a lawn mower. It might be that I was just picking up sounds from a busy spring day in the neighborhood. My next house is going to have a very quiet location to record. 🙂  

EVP Experiment: Down but Not Giving Up! Plus…Ouija Board News…

EVP Experiment Update: Today is Day 13…

It has definitely been quiet in the last several days. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed or disappointed. For the most part I have been sticking to the same method and processes from Day 1… however, I’ve changed or tweaked a few things as I’ve gone along to attempt to help entities more successfully communicate. I’ve also added a few unplanned, less formal recording sessions in addition to the official daily recording.

Yes, I’ve worked with and recorded EVPs before… but not a lot, and never so consistently and formally. And… I have picked up a few from this experiment. But why so quiet lately? What am I doing wrong? I’ve spoken to a fellow blogger about “belief and intent” and how it could possibly be affecting my experiment. Synchronicity may have also led me to reading about the same thing recently in Randall Keller’s book, Vocies From Forever. I want you to know that I absolutely believe, without a doubt, that spirits can and do communicate. You also need to know that I have never been so inspired and focused with a clear intent… even when reviewing the sessions. There have been a few days where I struggled to get a session in when life happened. I also know that sometimes I struggle meditating (something I’ve tried to do before every session), and there have been a few days where I haven’t completely felt grounded with a positive and high spiritual energy. Again… life happens. But right now I feel my problem might be due to more of a lack of confidence, and maybe feeling a little insulted after a few quiet days. Is there a problem with my invisible bat signal that other researchers who record tons of EVP project so well? Do they not see and hear me? Are entities communicating volumes of information but something is just standing in our way? Are they frustrated as well? Am I broken? I can go on and on… Any advice? Words of wisdom? I’m down but I haven’t given up!

What Does Sarah Say About This?

Since Sarah Estep was my main inspiration for starting the experiment, today I decided to go back to her book, Voices of Eternity. I’ve reached out to her daily in the sessions. Maybe she can’t hear me. Maybe I can’t hear her. Maybe she’s got bigger things going on. Maybe her soul is currently living another incarnation. Could she be reading this blog now? Am I still talking? 🙂

What words of wisdom would she give?

Frequently at the beginning I would go for days without recording a paranormal voice. Then, when I felt most discouraged and wondered if I wanted to keep on taping, someone would speak. Now, twelve years and twenty-four-thousand messages later [this was in 1988], I am convinced that I am in communication with entities from other dimensions. At the same time, I feel I have learned a considerable amount about life in the beyond. 

Down the Road…

I have two EVP sessions left for this current experiment, today and tomorrow evening. Please know that if I hear anything impressive you’ll see a post on it. In the next week I think I’ll create a page linked to this blog and list information about the experiment, my findings, my progress,etc. Once this current experiment is over I fully intend on continuing to record on a consistent basis… hopefully 3 or 4 days a week.

Anyway… thanks for reading and following my progress!

In other news… Have you seen this?


Upon arresting the alleged assailant, police were surprised that the 15-year-old not only admitted to the offense, but also confessed as to why he committed the crime, stating that “the Ouija board made me do it.”

Is it just goofy teenagers? Is it mental illness? Or can the Ouija board really be that powerful?

EVPMaker and Spirit Box…

Yesterday was the 10th  day of my EVP experiment. Although I did not find anything I would consider to be a true EVP, I did hear some interesting “responses” in the segment where I used the EVPMaker. I decided I would post this segment along with another example, because its use in EVP and paranormal research is somewhat controversial. I tend to be very careful when claiming things are truly communication from spirits. On this blog and on the Missouri Spirit Seekers website you’ll often see me list audio examples as a “possible EVP”, or like I mentioned above… “interesting responses”. Since absolutely nothing about the paranormal or EVP can be 100% proven (that sucks, I know), I have to be pretty confident before I’ll claim something is a true EVP. With that being said, as a very spiritual person I don’t need science to know in my own heart that life doesn’t end at death, or that sometimes spirits hang around or communicate with us (whether earthbound or from the other side). I’m just not willing to claim that a sneeze from another investigator is an EVP, or that the asthmatic breathing of the person holding the recorder is a ghost spookily telling you to “Get out!” In the rush of wanting to find cool evidence I think this happens too often in paranormal research these days. I’ve spent probably hours in the last week alone analyzing segments of recordings which sound like they could be impressive EVPs only to throw them out because I realized (sadly) the noise came from something in the natural environment around me.

Transform EVP…

Most likely, the EVP that you may be familiar with, have heard through  my blog or on TV, are examples of Transform EVP. An example of this would be if you were to take a basic tape or digital recorder and were fortunate enough to capture a spirit voice in the natural environment around you.  When I use a sound source, such as white, pink, or brown noise in the background, this is also an example of transform EVP, although it’s sometimes harder to review. More and more we are finding that spirits seem to be able to use this energy and sound source to create or form their own words and phrases. You may remember that just a few days ago I got what may have been a response of “yes” when I asked if turning up the volume on the pink noise made it easier to communicate. Many EVP researchers have even found quite a bit of success using just a fan (something with a motor) or running water nearby. I’ve used both for this current experiment.

More Controversial types of EVP…

EVPMaker is a computer program that many EVP researchers have used in the last few decades. It’s an example of what we call Opportunistic EVP. According to the site where the software can be downloaded, “EVPmaker is an experimental software for the generation of acoustic ‘raw material’ for recordings of paranormal voices on tape, also known as ‘Electronic Voice Phenomena’ (EVP). For this purpose, the program divides any recording of speech into short segments and then plays them back continuously in randomly order. The resulting ‘gibberish’ still sounds like speech, but can’t be understood anymore, and is therefore suited as background noise for EVP recordings.”

For my experiment I recorded my own voice reading a couple paragraphs out of a book. You can tell EVPMaker how short you want the segments to be chopped into.  The segments are always played back randomly. In addition, I have it set to overlap segments and have the speed set to 122%.

Why is it so controversial? Since what you’re hearing is already portions of a human voice, it is harder to tell if it is a spirit manipulating the data and random sounds to create their own voices, or if the message you’re hearing is a pattern of sounds that coincidentally forms a message. Sometimes our brains hear what they want to hear. This would be an example of auditory pareidolia (commonly referred to as matrixing).

Here’s my example. I won’t tell you what I hear right now. You kind of have to develop an ear when working with opportunistic EVP. After each question I ask in the example I hear several possible responses. I hear maybe 4 or 5 responses in the whole example. Are they truly answers from a spirit or spirits present for my session, or is this just coincidental sounds that my brain just wants to hear? I look forward to your comments and feedback!

Audio Example: (click the link below)

EVP Maker with “How many of you are present with me today?” 

Audacity sound wave for "How many of you are present with me today?"

Another example of opportunistic EVP that is fast growing in popularity is the use of Radio Sweep or Spirit Box (sometimes “ghost box” or “Frank’s box”). Recently I’ve gotten to know Darlene, founder of Joplin Paranormal Research Society (JPRS). They have had lots of success with using the spirit box. Below is a video of just a few of their many examples.

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