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Systems and Storage of EVP files…

Attention: All EVP Researchers or Paranormal Investigators (or organization nerds)!

How do you organize your EVP files? What system do you use? As I continue to record EVP I have quickly realized that I need to officially adopt one system and stick with it to stay organized and to be able to reference and find them quickly. I have EVP from paranormal investigations (some of which have different levels of confidentiality), I have EVP from my own personal EVP sessions here at home, I have “possible EVP”, I have really good EVP, and of course I have whole, lengthy, unedited audio recordings. AHHHH! And then… does one also have a way of documenting details and information from that EVP along with the audio? For instance, do you have a word document that has the name of the EVP with details of where it was recorded, conditions in which you recorded in, who you were with, what steps you’ve gone though to rule things out, etc? I consider myself a pretty organized OCD nerd, but for some reason I haven’t been able to figure this one out yet. Advice is welcome!


Photo Credit: Moumou82

Photo Credit: Moumou82

Here are a few examples of what I’ve named EVP in the past…

EVP Session 4-1-12 Voice1 Tascam

Tascam is the name of the recorder the EVP would have been captured with. If I have other EVP from the same session I might call them “Voice2”, “Voice3”, etc. Maybe it isn’t a voice. Maybe I would call it “knock1” or something like that.

Then we have the problem of how I name EVP files that I have enhanced (amplification, noise removal, slowed tempo, etc). In those cases I might save another version of the above EVP as…

EVP Session 4-1-12 Voice1 AMP,NR Tascam

Or……. is it better to have the actual EVP message in the title? Such as… 

EVP4-1-12-Tascam-Its all over me

Oh, and I’m not done yet. Do I then store these EVP in folders by date? If you record every day does that get a little ridiculous?



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