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Spirit Guides, Development Circles, Science, and Mediumship with Claire Broad – The Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal World #38

Interview with Claire Broad, psychic medium from the UK, on the Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal WorldUK medium, Claire Broad, shares stories of Whitefeather, her spirit guide. Learn how she developed her mediumship starting at the age of four! Claire paints a picture of the development circle, and explains why she thinks mediumship should be dealt with like a science. 


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The Big Séance Podcast with Patrick Keller - Paranormal, paranerd

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Be the spirit guide to your younger self!


You know that saying that goes something like, “What would you say to your 16 year-old self?” You could insert any age into that statement, really. It’s the kind of thing that is perfect for a meme on social media. I don’t often get deep like this, so I could be very wrong, but I think it’s probably something meant to comfort and make one feel better about their past and more confident in their present. (Did that sound good?) 


Am I on the right track?

The other day I got to thinking about my journey, my road through life, etc. Some days you just feel like you’re on the right track. Some days you know you need to make a turn, and though you make a decision based on intuition, those instructions don’t come as clearly as, say, the pleasant voice of the navigation lady in your car, and so you’re dying to know if you’re now heading in the right direction. I don’t often feel the urge to ask my guide (who I call Merlin) or my higher self if I’m on the right track, but a few days ago I did. I’m not sure if my answer came in the form of this blog post, but that’s when this all hit me. 


Your Spirit Guide

If you believe that everyone has a spirit guide (or perhaps you prefer the term guardian angel), then you probably believe that they are always available in times of need, or at least when you’re going through a stressful or traumatic experience. Some believe that if you’re observant enough, these guides can be reached at any time, and though they most likely have knowledge of your life’s plan and may have even helped you chart your life before you got here, there may be rules about what they can and can’t tell us. Still, some guides (or other higher power) have been known to throw their guidance in without us asking. Look at the many stories from people directly affected by the events on 9/11, for example. 


So here’s what popped in my head. Care to play along with me?


Pretend you’re the spirit guide to yourself at an earlier age.

We’ve all had those “moments” in our lives that truly affected us, whether they be positive or negative. Was it a bully at school? Something you did or said that you wish you could take back? An accident that may have been avoided? A special moment that you didn’t fully appreciate at the time? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have had someone you trusted to step in without anyone else knowing? To give comfort? For advice? A warning of something to come? The gentle reminder to breathe and take in a beautiful moment while you’re in it? And how far would you go when you reach out to contact yourself? How would you get your attention without freaking your earlier self out? You certainly don’t want your earlier self to think they’re crazy, right? And once you do make that connection, what information is too much to give? Are you taking away a learning experience by being too involved? Is there a definite rule book that spirit guides must follow, or are you allowed to make these decisions? 


I’m not really sure what the point of this exercise is. Maybe it makes us more aware of our guides and helps us to look for those connections and signs. Thinking about how much work the spirit guide gig would be, and how much responsibility is on their shoulders, definitely gives me a new respect. I thought about including some examples from my own life, and the truly meaningful thoughts just seemed a bit too personal. So I wouldn’t expect people to jump on this in the comments, but if you’re moved to share, please do!


First post… and a discussion on Spirit Guides!

So it’s my first blog post! I’m not really sure of what I’m doing yet but I guess I’ll learn along the way. If you’re reading this thanks for stopping by! Feel free to add to the discussion.

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend on the topic of reincarnation. I made the comment that I’d love to have the chance to be a spirit guide when I return back home to the other side. Who knows what our priorities and interests really are when we’re Home, but I can think of several areas of work I’d like to focus on when I return. One of those things would be to help researchers studying the paranormal/life on the other side from Earth. But, being a spirit guide would be pretty darn cool too I think (and a lot of work I hear). Then yesterday I was reading a Sylvia Browne book and she says that chances are at one time or another before this reincarnation we’ve all been a spirit guide.

In a channeling class that I took with Marilyn Kastner Painter (you can find her on my links page) I discovered that my guide’s name was Merlin. I’m not real clear on what the details of our meeting were or if that is really my guide’s name… but it came from somewhere and you’re just supposed to go with it. 🙂 I at least felt the presence of someone special being with me.

Being a spirit guide must be a pretty big deal and there has to be a lot of trust involved. Many believe that a spirit guide could be a “soul mate” from a previous life. That’s also interesting to think about.

It was probably 6 or 7 years ago when I first learned about spirit guides. I had no clue. I can’t imagine NOT knowing about spirit guides now. I talk to mine all the time. If you’re new to the concept of spirit guides, there are many places online with information. You can also check out spirit guides on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_guide

Thoughts? Anyone have a good relationship with their spirit guide?

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