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Meditation Routines…

Not a big post tonight. Just a question.

Do you meditate? Do you have any typical routines when you meditate? For how long?

Right now I’m in the midst of the craziest and busiest part of my year at work… I’m a lot more stressed and I have a lot LESS of the down time that I typically require for me to be the happiest ME. I’m not one of those people who go crazy if they’re not super busy and living life on the go… but that’s how life has been going for a few weeks.

Anyway, I could use more meditation in my life right about now. I’ve been out of the habit for a while. Why is it so easy for some of us to make excuses for not meditating when it is so calming and relaxing and good for us? It’s not supposed to be work. I used to make a habit of meditating/praying before bed… but all it takes is 4 seconds of relaxation in bed and I’m asleep so that’s usually a fail. A lot of times I end up meditating in the shower (there are some good ones out there). Anyone else do that?

Anyone have any quick meditations for on the go? 😉 Any good books or sites for meditation?

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