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What?! The Big Séance Podcast? What are your thoughts?

For several months now I’ve been itching to try my hand at podcasting. I never miss a Voices Podcast by Randall Keller. I’ve been a big fan of Jim Harold’s podcasts for years, and I recently enrolled in his podcasting course. As it is my summer break, I’ve had a lot more time to focus on blogging and the paranerdal things that you know I love. I’ve been playing around with some ideas, recording some practice runs, and of course learning a lot from a master in the field, Jim Harold.

I’ve not determined that I will for sure kick this project off, but if I do, it’ll be before the summer is over. I’m having so much fun playing around and planning (which might accidentally be why I haven’t been seen around here for a few days), but I know it’s a big commitment… and it has to be spectacular, obviously.

What are your thoughts? The Big Séance Podcast would probably be produced a couple of times a month and supplement the blog that you’re reading now, and would feature guest co-hosts and/or guest interviews on most episodes.

Would you listen?




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