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203 – Astrology for 2022 with Dena DeCastro – Big Seance

Astrology for 2022 with Astrologer Dena DeCastro - Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World


After most recently giving us the whopping “WTF” forecast for the Summer of 2020, our favorite astrologer Dena DeCastro prepares us for what every one of us wants to know – the astrology for 2022! Will the year bring relief? What do the planets have to say about the year ahead? Other topics include “The Great Resignation”, Mercury/Venus/Mars Retrogrades, avoiding escapism, new beginnings, leaps of faith, the shadow, relationships, the economy, and the US Pluto Return!




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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :38

Would you consider sharing an episode of the Big Seance with a friend? 1:19

Dena DeCastro’s Bio 2:30

Forecast for 2016, Summer of 2016, 2018, 2019, and the “WTF” forecast for the Summer of 20203:20

Something about the Venus Retrograde wants to follow us when Dena visits! 4:21

Dena took a “brave leap into the unknown” for this episode! 5:45

An “Astrological Traffic Jam in Capricorn.” 2020 and 2021 were years with lots of astrological weather going on. Astrologers knew something major was going to happen, but no one could have predicted a worldwide pandemic. 7:14

2021 brought friction with themes of unrest, government structure, rules, and rebellion, leading us to January 6th, 2021 in the US, for example. 8:55

But what does astrology have to say about the year ahead? 10:03

The ripples in the pond. 10:30

Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction coming up in April. Work on empathy and compassion. 11:40

“We received a collective trauma in 2020. We’re still having various levels of PTSD from it.” 14:08

Avoid Escapism 15:57

A listener question about astrology and depression. 18:30

More on escapism and Patrick’s addiction to food. 21:18

Jupiter, new beginnings, and taking risks or leaps of faith. 23:44

The shadow side of Aries. 26:23

Pisces, endings, and “The Great Resignation” 28:04

Right now is not exactly the time to launch your new thing, but planning for it is okay. 30:05

Uh oh! What happens if you just started a new job? 30:50

Mercury Retrogrades happening this year. Learn more at DenaDeCastro.com32:35

“Stop buying into all the hype.” Some of us create our own static during Mercury Retrogrades. 35:28

Venus Retrograde, getting serious about finances, and reconnecting. 37:34

Some of us are introverts and have enjoyed the lockdown and slowing down. 40:04

Is this a good time for new relationships? 41:49

The United States Pluto Return and the economy. 43:20

Rest and Retreat. Mars Retrograde coming up at the end of the year. 48:00

A summary. 50:03

Check out The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest, Everyone Has What it Takes by William Kenower, and the podcast, This Jungian Life50:43

What’s coming up on the Let’s Get Real Astrology podcast? 53:15

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 55:29

Outro 57:40


For more on Dena DeCastro


Dena’s Blog Post: The Astrology of 2022

Let’s Get Real Astrology Podcast

Facebook: Dena DeCastro Astrology

Twitter: @DenaDeCastro

Previous Big Seance Podcast episodes with Dena: 53, 6165, 112, 134, and 166.


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184 – QAnon and the Spiritual and Wellness Communities – Big Seance

QAnon and the Spiritual Wellness Communities with Ash Riley and Brian Smith - Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #184


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Spiritual Bypassing Panel Discussion – Big Seance #172

Spiritual Bypassing - A Panel Discussion with Amber Choisella, Ash Riley, and Brian Smith on the Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #172


A month after the senseless killing of George Floyd, and after a medium claimed to channel him with a questionable and insensitive message, Patrick sat down in the parlor to discuss the topic of Spiritual Bypassing with special guests Amber Choisella, Ash Riley, and Brian Smith. What is Spiritual Bypassing? Other topics include speaking out against racism, shadow work, the mother wound, toxic masculinity, and mental health.









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Angel Medium Michael Terzi – Big Seance Podcast #161

Angel Medium Michael Terzi - Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #161


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15 Reasons to Befriend a Paranormal Nerd Today!

Today is February 5, 2014. It is also my 2nd Blogiversary! In honor of this day, I give you 15 candid reasons to befriend a paranormal nerd! Hopefully, some of you will be encouraged to find a new friend TODAY! Or maybe you’re sitting at home with a spirit box or set of dowsing rods in your hands. Yeah I’m talking to you! No plans this weekend? You’ll want to share this immediately!


15 Reasons to Befriend a Paranormal Nerd Today!


1.    As we tend to very open-minded, we don’t think you’re crazy when you tell us about your experiences, but depending on what subgroup of the paranormal we belong to, don’t be offended when we set out on a mission to “debunk” it. 

2.    Think you have a ghost or spirit trying to contact you? We’re likely to have a plethora of meters and gadgets to help make that connection, and we can’t wait to show you how it all works! And if our gadgets don’t spark a conversation, we’ve always got plenty of friends who claim to be “sensitive”.

3.    According to my friend Tim, we “know whether it’s time to buy a new lamp or if Aunt Matilda’s threat to haunt you was legit.” Ohhh Tim… does this come from experience? 

4.    We can help to explain our favorite acronym lingo, such as EVP, ITC, EMF, IR, UV, OBE, ADC, DBE, ESP, PK, K2, and mG.

5.     On a serious note, according to Rachel, “They are intuitive and empathic. They don’t see the world in black and white, they see many more colors! Plus, there is a sense of peace about them. Maybe it’s because they have some insight on the afterlife.” I absolutely love Rachel’s way with words. 

6.    Are you at a party or with a group of people who tend to be on the boring side? That awkward silence doesn’t bother us. We’re used to carrying on conversations with ghosts that typically don’t answer back, therefore we don’t easily get bored. Though we’ll likely keep the conversation going, don’t be offended if we accidentally blurt something like “If you can hear me, knock three times” or “How did you die?”

7.    Are small animals disappearing from your neighborhood? Have no fear. We’re on it… and we know exactly what a Bigfoot call sounds like!

8.    We’ll be the first to tell you that your no-good horrible very bad day was not your fault, because Mercury is in retrograde!

9.    We’ll prove or disprove the orb photo taken at your nephew’s birthday party in no time flat! (Ahem… the ones who know what they’re talking about will tell you that even though it appears to have a face inside, or devil horns, or a personality, or like to be called “Beverly”, there are eleventy-thousand likely explanations for it, and then let you decide for yourself.)

10.  We paranormal people who are also investigators are often willing to invite others to the next big investigation! And we can’t wait to share our favorite stories or our “Class A” EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

11.   Not feeling well? Going through a bad experience? We can break out the crystals and send you rooms full of “love and light”!

12.   We know how to begin the research to learn the history of your home, or genealogy research to learn about your ancestors!

13.   Ever suspect your family pet of learning how to access the refrigerator while you’re sleeping? We’ve got night vision cameras. Just ask us. 

14.   Need sage for house blessing or clearing? We know just where to get it. 

15.   Need to borrow a black shirt, polo, or hoodie? Take your pick. Oh sorry… here’s some tape to cover up that logo.


Through social media, I went to some of my friends and faithful readers for help on this one. I’d like to thank Rachel, Tim, Stacey, Cassie, Cathy, and Dar for their additional thoughts and contributions to this post!


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Yesterday’s Moment…


Yesterday was an unusual day for me. I was not feeling well, having come down with what everyone else has gotten at some point recently at our school. Because of there being a shortage of substitute teachers, I was forced to fight my way through the day at school. I was a bit of a whiner, making sure to warn the kids so they knew to be on their best behavior, and to let them know not to get too close to me.

In one of those stressful passing period moments that are all too common in my job, a student shared that they needed to talk to me in private. They shared with me something so brave and honest that I nearly cried right there. In the back of my mind I knew that this was one of those “moments”. One of those moments where you only have one chance to have the right response and really be there and present for the kid. I did my best. And when the discussion was over I suddenly didn’t have much to complain about.

I began my next class with probably more of a smile, reminding myself that you truly never know what’s going on with your students, especially in middle school, and especially when you see so many of them in your day. Moments like these, I reminded myself, are why I do what I do. It’s not the curriculum, not the testing, not the very short summers. I’m there for the kids. 

I began wondering if my “moment” of the day had been arranged in some master plan. Was I supposed to be there? What if I would have stayed home? Did i really help? 

Then it was time for lunch. I joined a group of teachers that I don’t usually eat with. Someone walked in and broke the news about the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Just about everyone has had their emotional Facebook or Twitter statement regarding yesterday’s events. Many of them asked the question “why?”, and some even questioned their faith. Many statements gave credit to evil or the Devil himself. As someone who has been very honest and open about the fact that I don’t believe there is a “Devil”, I couldn’t stop wondering why something like this would happen. Are disgusting, heart wrenching events like this truly in some master plan? Or is it just flawed humans bouncing around on the planet with free will? 

I can’t even begin to understand what is going on inside the hearts and minds of those Connecticut children and families involved in yesterday’s tragedy. And people are mourning all over the world, really. Talk about a “moment”.  

One thing is for sure. When someone asks me where I was when I found out about the events at Sandy Hook Elementary (and it’s already happened once), I’ll be able to tell them that I was at school, not feeling well, but yet learning a big lesson about empathy and compassion. 



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