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Paranormal Subculture and the Charlie Charlie Challenge – The Big Séance Podcast #34

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In this episode, Patrick talks to 2 local high school students for a research project about the paranormal subculture. And we dig into the Charlie Charlie Challenge phenomenon. Have you taken the challenge?


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The Truth about the Charlie Charlie Challenge on the Big Séance Podcast at BigSeance.com


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In this episode: 

  • Where I’ve been and what has changed! :38
  • My meeting with Rick and Daniel, and the Paranormal Subculture Interview 1:57
  • “Tendencies” in subcultures and further description of the Ethnography project 2:45
  • Young people and their thoughts about the paranormal 5:37
  • The struggle Rick and Daniel went through to find help with their project 8:35
  • Where do you fit into the paranormal subculture 10:14
  • I shared my “See Dorothy” EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) from a past investigation of a family residence 11:08
  • One of my very favorite EVPs – “It’s All Over Me”, captured on one of our investigations of Friedens United Church of Christ in St. Charles, Missouri. It was previously featured in Episode 6 of the podcast, with detailed commentary. It’s also explained in this YouTube video14:04
  • Earthbound Spirits.. and what happens to a ghost when a building is torn down? What do you think? 17:30
  • “Attachments” and my personal and very creepy experience of “the hand”, first told and discussed at BigSeance.com in 2012, and retold on Jim Harold’s Campfire podcast last year 18:12
  • Thank you, Rick, Daniel, and Ryan! I heard they got an A! 22:10
  • What is the Charlie Charlie Challenge? 22:58
  • Is Charlie Charlie just a publicity stunt? The Gallows (2015) movie 24:51
  • I may or may not have experimented and tried the Charlie Charlie Challenge… Is it just gravity? 25:35 
  • My final thoughts on Charlie as a tool for spirit communication 27:58
  • Have you tried the challenge? I want to hear from you. What happened? 28:57
  • Shout Outs! Thank you Heatherlynn, Jeff, Rick, Daniel, and Ryan! 29:13


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“Can you help me?” I’ll never forget…


Can you help me? No one will listen.

Can you help me? I can’t change the channel on my TV.

Can you help me? I can’t pick up my coffee cup.

Can you help me? I’m not sure where I am. 

Can you help me? I’m not sure where I’m supposed to be. 

Can you help me? I need to find my way back. 

Can you help me? I can’t find my loved one. 

Can you help me? I’m lonely. 

Can you help me? I’m trapped. 

Can you help me? No one seems to see me. 

Can you help me? I’m hurting. 


Your mind won’t stop wondering. You’ll never forget the feeling. You never forget the chill that crawls up your spine or the strange mix of excitement and deep sadness that sweeps over you when you hear it. It is weeks later. You’re long gone, but now deep in analysis. You replay it over and over. Maybe you step away from your work for just a bit… to process what you just heard. Will you stay up all night wondering what they needed? Are they waiting for you to come back? Are you able to do anything about it?  And… will it change your attitude for the next investigation?


One never forgets the first time they hear a spirit ask… 

“Can you help me?”


I know I won’t. 



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