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Anne and Renata of Frightfully Good – Big Seance Podcast #163

Anne Rzechowicz and Renata Daniel of Frightfully Good - Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #163


Anne Rzechowicz and Renata Daniel of Frightfully Good, return to the podcast to give us all a much needed humor break from the pandemic. They share some of the paranormal experiences from their travels, including experiences with the spirit box, and a night at the Ostrich Inn. And did you know Anne and Renata have matching tattoos?!



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Outtakes and Bloopers…


How about some light fun and humor today!? Some of you may have seen this already this week. I am the founder of Missouri Spirit Seekers (MOSS) and several months ago I put together this blooper video from many of our past investigations. I had no intention of making it public, but my team convinced me to do so. Enjoy! 🙂




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