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Tim Prasil Returns with More Ghost Reports – The Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #111

An Interview of Tim Prasil, author of


A familiar voice returns to the show! Tim Prasil shares more ghost reports from the project that is now the book, Spectral Edition: Ghost Reports from U.S. Newspapers, 1865-1917.


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Gettysburg Ghosts…

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is supposed to be one of the most haunted locations in the country. This video is not new, it is from 2001 and was shot by tourists in Triangular Field. I heard about it a few years back from a video podcast that I watch regularly. I believe the poster of this video is crazy for claiming they know there are 13 ghosts…  but if it is indeed real, it is an example of an “imprint” haunting, which isn’t really a haunting at all. It is just a collection of energy or a kind of vortex… a phenomenon that seems to happen for multiple reasons. Traumatic experiences or tragedies are thought to leave permanent impressions in the atmosphere, or in some cases the materials that a home or building is made out of. Ghost Hunters (T.A.P.S.) fans will know this phenomenon as a “residual haunting”.

Want to see the same footage analyzed?

The History Channel’s Monster Quest analyzes the Gettysburg Ghost footage…

Here’s some obviously faked Gettysburg ghost footage to compare it to.

An interesting attempt to fake Gettysburg ghosts…  


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