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Haunted Castle House Part One – Big Seance Podcast #156

The Haunted Castle House - Part One - Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #156


Join Patrick and Karen A. Dahlman for part one of a special haunted road trip weekend to the Haunted Castle House in Brumley, Missouri. The owners share their experiences, and the journey that led them to buying a haunted house.



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Medical Intuitive and Psychic Medium Terry Andersen – Big Seance Podcast #129

Medical Intuitive and Psychic Medium Terry Andersen on The Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #129


A traumatic experience in 1986 changed psychic medium and medical intuitive Terry Andersen‘s life forever! She shares wisdom on medical intuition, positive precognition, remote viewing, time travel, and her passion for training and education! 



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Spirit Bilocation: Is it possible?

This last fall I was so very excited and honored to be asked by Randall Keller, EVP researcher and paranormal investigator, to join him in an EVP experiment.  In the past I’ve thrown “no relation” in a set of parentheses after his name, but according to his research (the family tree kind, not the paranormal kind), we are third cousins, three times removed… but I don’t even understand what that means… so I just smile and nod. Cousins or not, in the last year I’ve known him as a great teacher and mentor, and I want to thank him sincerely for inviting me (ahem… and for putting up with me). As a fairly new guy on the scene, it is a great honor to be involved in this kind of research. Unfortunately we’ve not had the opportunity to shake hands since we’ve never been in the same geographic location at the same time (insert lame bilocation joke here), but we’ve done the telephone and online equivalent. We send the occasional smoke signal as well.


Spirit Bilocation… What is it?

Through our experiment, we hoped to achieve results that suggested bilocation in the spirit world was possible. In other words, we wanted to prove that a spirit could be in two different places (like Randy’s house in Maryland and mine in Missouri) at the same time, or be able to travel great distances instantaneously… and we’d prove it through EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

I believe Randy’s inspiration for this experiment came out of an earlier project where he began capturing EVP in cemeteries. He figured no one in the world would want to stand guard at their own grave site for all eternity, so since many spirits seem to be there to communicate when he records, it certainly suggests that it may be possible for them to show up if someone is paying them a visit. Are they able to be in multiple places at one time? And if not, do they just travel really fast?


The Experiment

So here’s a basic summary of what our experiment looked like. Using the same recording devices, Randy and I recorded for 30 minutes, 5 nights in a row, same time each night. We followed an agreed upon script that allowed for a few opportunities for improvised questioning, but was otherwise strictly timed and planned.  For the first 15 minutes I recorded in silence as Randy introduced the experiment and our intentions to any spirits present at his location.  During this time he asked these spirits to visit my location and to deliver specific answers or responses to my recorder. After 15 minutes passed, I began a similar process on my end as Randy recorded in silence.

One of the exciting elements to our experiment was that each night we agreed on what I like to call our “secret password”. For example, Randy would ask his spirits to deliver his middle name to me in Missouri while I would ask my spirits to share my middle name with him in Maryland. Each night was a different password. Similarly, each night I decided to throw a very random word on a piece of paper that was displayed next to my recorder. At some point during each session, even though I never said the word out loud, I asked for any spirit present to visit Randy and deliver the word from the paper. This was something I kind of just threw into the mix early on in the experiment. I didn’t tell Randy what word was on the paper until it was all over after the fifth night.

The next step was to review and analyze our own recordings, identifying what we felt were EVP or at least a classification that I like to use often, “possible EVP”. Anyone who follows my blogs or my thoughts on EVP knows that I have a hard time having the confidence to declare something as “EVP”. Even though there is no council or jury to say that I am right or wrong, I’m very careful and very analytical about it. Yes, it is annoying… but Randy still likes me (I think). So when it came to the last major step in our experiment, to compare and agree on our joint EVP, it was a challenge for me… but a great learning experience. Randy then put together an amazing timeline of events for each session, including questions asked and EVP responses that were documented. This way we could easily see if responses matched up to a question being asked on either end.


Our Results

Though we did capture EVP, most of which were from Randy’s side of the experiment (this was not a surprise), we did not capture clear evidence of bilocation. We did, however, capture one of our “password” responses on Randy’s end. Randy recorded a response of “Keith” during the session where I asked spirits present to deliver my middle name (Keith) to Randy. Really cool… but not enough to shout “Bilocation is possible!” But this certainly doesn’t mean it is not possible. We just have more work to do.


More to come…

I’m not sure I was completely prepared for the amount of work this experiment actually took. With a full-time job and other paranormal research happening at the same time, it really takes a nerd and a lot of time. But as I said before, I learned a lot through this process. And guess what? We’ve decided that we’re taking what we learned and will soon be organizing part two of the experiment, which will happen this summer! This time Randy is going to work me even harder. Stay tuned for more info on part two!


Randall Keller

Randall Keller

I encourage you to check out Randy’s Voices Podcast, episode 55, titled “Is Spirit Bilocation Possible?” to get a more thorough explanation of the experiment from Randy himself. You can also visit www.RandallKeller.com, his The Voices Blog, and The Voices Blog Unplugged. Tell him Patrick sent ya. Actually, tell him my middle name, which is “Keith”. On second thought, both of those ideas are really dorky. Just go visit Randall Keller! 🙂



Séance Etiquette…

So this is getting close to my 60th post, and considering the name of my blog, I suppose it’s about time I hit on the concept of a séance. And actually, it was brought up by one of my new friends who is a frequent reader and commenter on this blog. When I think of a séance, I think of the atmosphere. I picture a beautiful, but mysterious, Victorian dining room with candles (another obsession of mine), anxious sitters, and a flamboyant spiritualist reaching out to communicate with the dead. I must confess, I think I was introduced to the concept of a séance in a segment of The Bloodhound Gang, which was like a miniature mystery series that was a part of the 1980s PBS children’s series, 3-2-1 Contact. Anybody remember? I even had a subscription to the 3-2-1 Contact magazines for a while and have probably seen every episode from all eight seasons. Don’t tempt me to sing the theme song (or even The Bloodhound Gang theme for that matter)… because I will. I can’t be exactly sure that’s where I saw my first séance, but that’s where my childhood memory is taking me back to.

Seance or Spirit Circle?

Now days, many modern spiritualists prefer to call this event a “spirit circle” (possibly because of some kind of unfair stigma attached to the old name), and many people form groups that meet regularly to communicate with spirits of loved ones, guides, teachers, angels, etc, to learn about life and the other side. There are groups all over and websites where you can locate a circle near you. Several times on this blog I’ve expressed my interest in starting a similar group and documenting some of those experiences here.  I’m working on it. Besides being fun and interesting, I think it would be a huge learning experience. Many people have the opinion that you must have a medium in order to have one. Having a medium present is probably a major bonus, but considering I experience spirit communication through EVP (and more recently, several “rapping” experiences) on a regular basis, I think spiritual people with the same goals in mind can probably successfully hold séances on their own as well. And most of us would be in agreement that we all possess different levels of a variety of psychic abilities (although I don’t brag about mine). Of course, I say these things having not experienced one as of yet. I have,  however, read tons of books on spirit communication and a few on tonight’s topic. I much prefer the term “séance”, though… it sounds way cooler and less new age/hippy. A glass of wheatgrass juice on the table next to the candle doesn’t fit my vision. 🙂

Mind Your Manors…

I have been asked about my thoughts on séances “conjuring” spirits and whether it was appropriate. There are so many things that paranormal or spiritual folks claim they know (me included), and science refuting everything paranormal simply because it can’t be handled or tested gets on my nerves just as much as it does anyone else, but NO ONE knows any of these answers for sure… no one. I hear and read this from Randall Keller all the time. It’s true. However, it is my opinion that all spirits have free will, for the most part. I don’t believe that just because someone requests the presence or energy of a particular spirit that they have no other choice but to be dragged down to the party. It’s also a common belief that spirits (especially the higher level ones) may just have the ability to bilocate, or be in more than one location at a time. I don’t believe that requesting the presence of a wise teacher or guide prevents them from doing any of the more important activities (whatever those might be) on the other side. If they’re busy saving the world (or the other side), I’m fairly certain they’d just ignore us and leave us nerds waiting at the table. I do, however, believe in having manors and behaving respectfully when participating in spirit communication. Really, my EVP sessions and experiments are a form of a séance, only usually I’m the only living one present (unless you count my 4-legged son, Meril).  When paranormal investigators focus on an EVP session, or anything similar, they’re really having a form of a séance as well. Anytime I’ve attempted spirit communication, I ask my guides (or anyone present) to assist in inviting the presence and energy of whoever I’m interested in communicating with. I will sometimes ask if they are “available” to communicate with me. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Since the great majority of the time I don’t have any knowledge of those specifically invited spirits being present with me, I doubt they can be “conjured”. I don’t think we’re that powerful. I also don’t think there is anything wrong with asking, providing you know the magic words (“please” and “thank you”).

So next time you attempt spirit communication of any kind, mind your manors. Who wants to hang out and socialize with mean or bossy peeps? Aaaand… at least light one candle… even if the only thing it does is create a cooler atmosphere. After all, there are accounts of spirits claiming the flame and the atmosphere really do help. That’s all the excuse I need. 🙂

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