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Dreamwalking with Lady Gaga

Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/people/ryanjreilly/ (Creative Commons)

Photo Source: http://www.flickr.com/people/ryanjreilly/ (Creative Commons)

No one will ever believe this, but I’ve been hanging out with Lady Gaga. She moved in down the street. Oh she’s not the Lady Gaga you’re used to seeing… she’s here for the peace and quiet during her down time, so she wears the typical A-Lister disguises. It doesn’t take much though really, because without all the makeup and costumes meant to shock, she doesn’t look much like her character at all. She almost fits in. Yesterday we took a long walk through the neighborhood, acted goofy, took selfies, and I find out that we’ve actually been Facebook friends for a few years now, but I never knew since she goes by another name on social media. How crazy and random is that?! Today she’s back at it though, and she texted me a photo of herself backstage in a crazy costume–business as usual–just before it was time to greet her massive screaming audience.  

I know it’s hard to believe. It’s so exciting though. I think I’ll call her now to… 


Wait… I hear my alarm… I mean I think that’s my alarm. Yup… a soft harp accompanied by an obnoxious buzz. I can’t wait to tell people I hung out all day with…  Oh no! This is the morning I have to be up at 5:30am! That’s NOW! Am I NOT really neighborhood buds with Gaga? That’s unfortunate. But why Lady Gaga, anyway? She’s definitely not a topic that pops up in my daily discussions. What was I reading before bed? Oh yeah, Psychic Dreamwalking by Michelle Belanger.


Hey Gaga! You weren’t reading the same book last night, were you? I don’t suppose there’s a chance you remember me?


When I mentioned my crazy and random dream to Michelle Belanger on Twitter, she said “My dreaming life has never been the same since writing that. It was active before, but now even more so.” Good to know! I only started the book. Can’t wait to see what’s next. 


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Remote Viewing… and an unstructured trip through my mind…

Not a lot of structure today. I’m just going to blab a bit. Care to listen? Currently I am reading We Don’t Die: A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death by Sandra Champlain, one of the books from my Five Books for Summer 2013. I just finished a section that the author wrote about her journey into remote viewing, and bells went off in my head (not the paranormal kind) telling me that this was a great topic for a blog! According to the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) website, Remote Viewing is the “mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a ‘viewer’) to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding”. This is a practice that can apparently be learned by anyone and does not require a psychic or medium because it doesn’t involve channeling or the help of a spirit entity of any kind. It is also different from the practice of astral travel or astral projection because a “viewer” apparently “remote views” in a fully aware and awakened, conscious state. Remote viewing doesn’t have to be what a group of people do in a secret room while trying to obtain secret information from other countries, but can also simply be trying to correctly identify what’s in your mailbox before opening it, or even describing the details of the next page in a magazine before flipping it.

Astral ProjectionIn reading both the author’s suggested exercises and the “how to” link from the IRVA site, I was reminded of the exercises in the books Astral Projection by John Magnus and definitely Know Yourself by Patricia Hayes. When I read Astral Projection a few years ago, I remember very clumsily attempting to astrally get out of bed (without the use of my body, of course) to identify objects on my night stand and attempting to read out of the book that was there. I remember even being disturbed by the fact that it was possible for anyone to astral travel into my home. What?! I wasn’t very far into my spiritual shift at that time and so this book seemed really heavy and far out. I do recall having some intense dreams during the time that I read this book, but I just wasn’t ready for astral travel yet. It’s on my list of books to reread at some point.

Know Yourself is out of print and very hard to find (check for used copies on Amazon or eBay), but it’s almost written as if it’s a text for a course on psychic development. Patricia Hayes collaborated and learned from Arthur Ford in the 1960s and 70s and has since founded Delphi University with her husband. Delphi offers courses in Healing, Metaphysics, Psychic Training, Transpersonal Psychology, and Spiritual and Intuitive Development. Boy would I LOVE to get my hands on any of her Delphi texts or materials.

In thinking about remote viewing, I also think back to exercises from the channeling course I took from psychic medium Marilyn Painter. Trying to correctly identify items in a paper bag. Holding a stone or crystal and feeling and describing the energy it has… psychometry stuff.

I can’t say that I’ve been incredibly successful with a lot of things like this that I’ve researched and tried over the last several years, but remote viewing is one that seems so interesting. Of course, in books they make these things sound SO SIMPLE! Even so, I think I’ll find a partner and experiment sometime.

I’ve strayed a bit from astral travel today… I followed my mind where it wanted to go. Want to get right back on topic? Check out the video below. It is a video about remote viewing that can be found on the IRVA website. But before I go… have you experienced or tried remote viewing? 




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Spirit Visits While You Were Sleeping…

So I had to change my plans for tonight’s blog post because last night I had an interesting dream. I don’t remember dreams often so this was very significant. The details are unclear and I really wish I would have jotted down whatever details I remembered after I woke up. I had either dreamt or astral traveled to the living room of my late Great Grandmother Van Zandt (whom I called Grandma Van).

Grandma Van died when I was younger, but I do have several memories of her. I remember her on holidays and birthdays, and I remember visiting her in her apartment in my hometown. I remember all of the older ladies from her apartment building gushing over me when I visited. I’m sure I got my cheeks pinched and loved the attention. I remember thinking the elevator ride up to her floor was lots of fun. I remember her bedroom having two twin beds that always reminded me of old sitcoms where couples slept separately.

Grandma Van always seemed very tiny, quiet, and sweet.  After she died I remember being in the apartment while my mother and grandmother were going through her things. I think the main reason I remember that day so well is because my grandmother and mother gave me a wooden church with a steeple that had a music box inside. When you wound it up it played Sweet Hour of Prayer, the doors opened, and a preacher popped out. I remember being obsessed with it when my Grandma Van was alive and so apparently someone remembered that. I thought it was so very cool that I was special enough to get the church and I have kept and cherished it ever since. 

Back to my dream/astral experience/whatever it was… I was clearly in the presence of my Grandma Van. She was sitting in her chair in the corner of her living room. She and I clearly both knew that I was dreaming and talking to the spirit of a dead person. She was explaining something to me and I’m pretty sure I remember her trying to calm me or telling me not to be afraid. I woke up with the dream still vivid in my mind, told myself I was going to remember it, and then promptly went back to sleep. I’m so frustrated that I didn’t document it.

I’d love to be able to have some kind of validation that I truly had a visit from or visited my Grandma Van. Or… maybe it was truly just a dream. I believe that our soul leaves our body all the time while we sleep. I think we visit with our spirit guides and other entities as well. I like to think we get special advice and “heads up” on events we’re about to experience when we wake up. To my knowledge this is the first time I remember having such a pronounced experience like this.

**Updates to this post

  1. The church/music box plays Amazing Grace rather than Sweet Hour of Prayer
  2. My mother has informed me that it was my late Great Aunt Caroline and my mother that I was with while they were going through her apartment. 
  3. My Great Grandma Van died on July 29, 1989. 

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