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Syfy’s Ghost Hunters Loses Adam, Amy, and Britt!


Amy Bruni, Britt Griffith, and Adam Berry speaking to the crowd at Belvoir Winery earlier this year.

Amy Bruni, Britt Griffith, and Adam Berry speaking to the crowd at Belvoir Winery earlier this year.

Last Thursday, Deadline.com reported that Adam Berry and Amy Bruni, both very popular T.A.P.S. investigators and cast members of Syfy’s flagship show, Ghost Hunters, would not be returning for another season. The site also reports that the two are teaming together on a new show. Two days later, Britt Griffith put a statement out on Facebook saying that he would also not be returning. Adam and Amy’s statements are similar, but all three are below. My thoughts on their exits are at the end of this post. 


Adam Berry’s Statement
Source: www.facebook.com/AdamBerryFans

In light of an article that came out yesterday on Deadline and tons of rumors circling the internet:

First, there are some amazing episodes of Ghost Hunters that will be airing in October with me and Amy including the 200th episode which is a great milestone for GH, SyFy and Pilgrim Films! 

The rumors are true. After much deliberation, Amy and I have decided to step away from
Ghost Hunters to pursue other endeavors. Ultimately, the toll that
traveling for the show and the sometimes unpredictable schedule that came with it, proved to be too much for us in light of family and
other obligations.

We were not fired. We were not “let go” – we opted to move on. This was 100% our decision that we came to after some discussion with the production company. 

Personally, it was time to move on to other things and for new adventures. I love investigating and will always do that no matter what. Amy and I are a team and I cannot imagine being on TAPS without her by my side. She and I have become brother and sister throughout the years and I am extremely honored to have something like that documented for all time. 

Over the past years I have been able to travel to and investigate some of the most amazing places on earth. I got married, and started a non-profit theatre company, another passion of mine since age six, and now by putting this one chapter behind me, I am able to pursue other artistic endeavors.

I thank Jay for choosing me from Ghost Hunters Academy. For seeing something in me he saw in himself, passion and desire for the field. I am thankful to Grant. Your wisdom, words of encouragement and advice have stuck with me throughout my time working with TAPS and Ghost Hunters and that will carry with me forever. Finally Steve and Dave: “I think I’ll miss you most of all”. The brothers that we have become is an unbroken bond. I will cherish the beginnings of our relationship forever as you have been there since the very beginning. Even though Amy and I are no longer on the road with you all the time I know that we will always be family. Truly, this is only the beginning. “Ramp it up and Prepare the horses!!” <— inside joke —>

Thank You to the fans of the show. Without you we would not be able to do the work that you see every week. My heart is warmed to know that this show and our experiences have touched so many of you. I could never have imagined the passion that is out there for our field and I am driven by the energy all of you give us through social media, our websites and our events. I am comforted to know that there now will be more opportunity to do more outreach in the paranormal community!

Best of luck to the TAPS team and Pilgrim Films with continued Ghost
Hunters success.

Last but not least, thank you SyFy!!! You are one of the nicest, loyal and amazing networks to work for. Thank you for your continued loyalty throughout Amy and I’s entire run with Ghost Hunters. I look forward to the future.

Undying gratitude and love always,



Amy Bruni’s Statement
Source: www.facebook.com/AmyBruniGhostHunter

In light of some information that came out yesterday, I feel I need I clarify some things to everyone.

First of all, there are a number of great episodes of Ghost Hunters featuring Adam and myself that you haven’t seen yet. They will be airing on SyFy in October and I hope you will tune in! So no, you have not seen the last of us on GH.

That being said, the rumors are true. After much deliberation, Adam and I have decided to step away from the upcoming tapings of Ghost Hunters to pursue other endeavors. Ultimately, the toll that
traveling for the show and the sometimes unpredictable schedule that
came with it, proved to be too much for us in light of family and
other obligations.

We were not fired. We were not “let go” – we opted to move on. This was 100% our decision that we came to after some discussion with the production company. 

Personally, once my daughter was born, leaving to film was the hardest
thing I’d ever done. As she has grown older, it only became more difficult.
I realized, after much soul searching, that while I love the team
dearly and investigating is my passion – I could no longer miss out on
so much at home to do so.

Clearly, I am so appreciative and thankful to Jay and Grant for giving
me this opportunity in the first place. It came at just the right time
in life for me and these last 7 years with the team, who are my second
family, have been nothing short of amazing.

The fans of the show have been there through thick and thin and I love
that I will always have those episodes of me being pregnant to look
back on and one day show my little one. Please know I will always be
investigating and active in the field and will always leave the door
open for projects that don’t require so much time away.

Thank you for watching me grow on screen. Thank you for seeing me down
this path that led me straight to everything I hold dearest in life.

Best of luck to the TAPS team, SyFy and Pilgrim Films with continued Ghost Hunters success.

See you all soon.




Britt Griffith’s Statement
Source: www.facebook.com/BrittTylerGriffith

A bunch of you are asking me if I to am leaving#GhostHunters just like Amy and Adam. The short answer is; Yes…. 

It was an honor to work for Craig, Mike and Ita at Pilgrim Films and i wish them and SyFy nothing but success. 

For me, I will continue to produce movies for Micro Bay Features and may even take on an acting role or two;) You can see our work in Black Dahlia Haunting, Dead Sea and House of Manson. 

I would like to thank all of you for your support over the years. You guys rock!!


My Thoughts

Outside of their statements, I have no other information regarding future projects for these guys. Can Ghost Hunters, a show that has forever changed the way the world views the paranormal, survive without these three popular faces? As a fan, I certainly hope so! But all this change worries me a bit. Perhaps the good news is that Pilgrim Studios has officially begun searching for at least one new paranormal investigator.

I can tell you that I’m so very glad I had the opportunity to meet all three of them, and I will truly miss seeing them work together on the Ghost Hunters series. I have no doubt they’ll be successful in whatever the next journey is, and I wish them all luck! 


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Belvoir Winery/Odd Fellows Home: Amy, Adam, Britt, and Chip!

Today I bring you the next installment of my Belvoir Winery/Odd Fellows Home series. See the end of this post for links to previous posts in the series.


T.A.P.S. Para-Celebs: Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, and Britt Griffith! 

Probably the biggest highlight of this weekend event was getting to hang out with and meet Amy, Adam, and Britt from SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. I can’t even pretend to not be a super fan of this show from the very first season. Ghost Hunters inspired me to start reading and researching the paranormal, which then led me to forming Missouri Spirit Seekers in 2010. Other paranormal investigators will often say that Ghost Hunters had nothing to do with them being in the field, and that may be true for a small handful of teams or investigators, but if they got rolling after October of 2004 (and most of them did), then um… they’re just lying. In my opinion, this show is one of the biggest reasons for what I’ve always called “The Great Paranormal Craze”, which has now lasted a decade.  So whether or not you watch the show, if you’re a fan of the paranormal (and I’m assuming you are since you’re reading this nerdly blog), you’ve been affected by what this show started. On a side note, does paranormal reality TV have its flaws? Absolutely! However, I’m giving credit where it’s due. Oh, and am I a bit bummed that Jay and Grant weren’t there? Sure. But these three “new guys” have added so much to the show in recent years. (For more of my thoughts on the show, check out I Still Watch Ghost Hunters… So What?)



Amy is such a sweet and beautiful person. She clearly has never taken a bad photo in her life. She was so very patient and willing to chat or pose for photos at any moment. Of the three attending T.A.P.S. members, she has been on the show the longest. I could listen to her speak of her experiences all day long, and she’s definitely not afraid to be honest or share her opinion on the paranormal. Now she gets a lot of questions and oohs and ahhs about her beautiful baby daughter, Charlotte. If you follow her on Facebook or Twitter (@amybruni), it’s clear that her daughter has completely changed her life, and she shares photos often.



Adam was just as you would expect him to be. He’s a ham and a goofball, and I’m down with that. Fans at these events always ask him to sing, and he does… beautifully. Adam was seated behind me at dinner. I asked for a selfie with him, however, it was clear that I wasn’t really up on how to properly take a selfie on my iPhone, so he said “Oh I’m a pro at this” and he took my phone and snapped the picture. By the way, if it weren’t for Adam and Amy being in these selfies, they would never see the light of day. Adam can be found on Facebook and Twitter (@AdamJBerry) as well. 


Britt Griffith used my spirit box!!!

I didn’t bug Britt for a selfie, but in a future post, you’ll hear about how he used my spirit box during the overnight investigation! In that moment I may or may not have reacted as if I had just met Elvis. I’ll also share some of my thoughts from his paranormal technology session, that was actually very good. More on all of this later…


And, of course, who doesn’t love Chip Coffey?!

Truthfully, a big reason I went to Belvoir Winery for this event was because I had heard that Chip Coffey was going to be attending. I had met him last year at one of his Coffey Talk events, and it was such a cool experience. Chip is so down to earth and funny… and he tells it like it is… and his colorful vocabulary is so similar to mine! For more on that meeting, and my photo with Chip, visit 10 important reasons to go see Chip Coffey at a Coffey Talk near you! As I was waiting out in the hall for his big session, Adam Blai’s demonology session was going on inside the ball room. Chip walked in and gave me a hug, used a term of endearment that I don’t remember, and asked how I was doing. I told him that I was looking forward to hearing him talk today. He joined Amy and Adam and others at a nearby table while we waited, and I immediately tweeted the following tweet:

Seconds after tweeting this, Chip pulled out his phone, saw it, and without hesitation, turned to me and said “So are you!” (Again… Elvis moment.) Moments later, the demonology session was wrapping up, and Chip jokingly said (to us in the hall), “And speaking of demons, next up is Chip Coffey!” I laughed. Ohhhh Chip. 



This is a shot I took of Chip from what I called “The Creeper Line”. When I asked Adam Berry if that was an accurate description of this line, he laughed and agreed that it kind of was. 


To Be Continued…

In my next couple of posts, look forward to hearing about the overnight investigation of the Belvoir Winery grounds, including some awesome flashlight communication, and something so bizarre and mysterious regarding my video footage! Also, more on Britt’s paranormal technology session, and perhaps some audio clips. 


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