Spiritual Bypassing Panel Discussion – Big Seance #172

Sep 6, 2020 | 0 comments

Spiritual Bypassing - A Panel Discussion with Amber Choisella, Ash Riley, and Brian Smith on the Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #172
A month after the senseless killing of George Floyd, and after a medium claimed to channel him with a questionable and insensitive message, Patrick sat down in the parlor to discuss the topic of Spiritual Bypassing with special guests Amber Choisella, Ash Riley, and Brian Smith. What is Spiritual Bypassing? Other topics include speaking out against racism, shadow work, the mother wound, toxic masculinity, and mental health.



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Episode Teaser :00

Intro 1:10

Patrick has recovered from a crazy first week of teaching music to middle school students in the year of 2020. 1:52

About this recording of the LIVE panel discussion on Spiritual Bypassing that Patrick hosted on Facebook back on June 28, 2020. This was about a month after the killing of George Floyd here in the US. 3:10

Patrick is joined in the parlor by Amber Choisella, Ash Riley, and Brian Smith, all former guests of the Big Seance. 5:10

The social media promotion of a video that inspired this conversation. The video was of a medium who claimed to have channelled George Floyd. 5:37



What is Spiritual Bypassing? 7:45

Shadow Work and what intuitive mediums need to understand. 9:00

Ego 10:38

The duality of light and dark, plus jumping on what’s trending. 11:10

The harmful message from the medium in video that inspired the conversation. 14:00

Too soon? 15:54

End the silence. Call out Spiritual Bypassing when you see it. Call out Racism when you see it. 18:20

“In order for an unhealthy or toxic relationship to be healed, the partner in the most power, the one leading the direction of the relationship, or the one who should be leading, has to recognize that there has been injury and take the initiative to reconcile the harm that has been done. This is not because they are better, smarter or more capable. It is simply because they find themselves with the moral responsibility of creating healing. So as a White man, I have to be the one to take that lead.” — John Wineland 20:00

Unresolved wounds and shadow work in mental health and therapy 21:48

Patrick’s learning experiences and being a part of organizing a Black Voices Matter march and rally this year. 25:18

“But I’m not a racist.” 26:35

Other examples of Spiritual Bypassing 28:00

Grief and Spiritual Bypassing 29:35

The delicate balance between being informed and unplugging. 31:13

“Because that’s not what a good Christian does.” 35:07

A lack of empathy. “If we were able to start looking at the world through a more trauma-informed view, we would be able to recognize toxicity much easier.” — Ash Riley 37:35

Mental health and stigma 42:15

Fear and Danger. There’s no bad emotion. 43:40

Ibram X. Kendi and the Antiracist 44:35

Feminism and the “Mother Wound” 46:43

How do we fix it? 49:26

The “Syzygy.” What?! Plus toxic masculinity. 50:18

Can Gen Z fix all of our mistakes? 52:55

Listen and then get engaged! 56:22

The positive changes that have been happening worldwide since the killing of George Floyd. 58:57

Find out more about Ash, Amber, and Brian 1:01:55

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 1:05:25

Outro 1:07:30


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