Rosemary Ellen Guiley on the Djinn, Ouija, and Paranormal Research – The Big Séance Podcast #64

Jun 2, 2016 | 0 comments

Interview with Paranormal Expert, Rosemary Ellen Guiley on The Big Séance Podcast with Patrick Keller - Visit for more info.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley, leading expert in the paranormal and metaphysical field, shares her latest research on the Ouija, paranormal research, and why we need to know about the Djinn. 

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In this episode: 

  • Episode Preview :00
  • Intro 1:39
  • A clip of an interview with Patrick Keller, circa. 1981. 2:13
  • Please welcome Rosemary Ellen Guiley to the parlor! 4:00
  • Rosemary’s Bio 6:25
  • Her favorite part of being Rosemary Ellen Guiley! 8:47
  • Choosing projects and the research that is involved. 10:39
  • Rosemary has written over 60 books! Which ones are the most popular? 11:58
  • Coming soon! Strange Dimensions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley on KGRA radio! 10:15
  • Inspiration driven. Being motivated by the pursuit of truth and knowledge. 12:54
  • Ouija Gone Wild, The Zozo phenomenon, and the unfortunate demonization of the Ouija board. 13:47
  • Rosemary’s advice for the person who gets no activity from the Ouija board. 17:54
  • I have a lot of questions for Rosemary about the Djinn and The Djinn Connection! What are they? Why do we need to pay attention to this topic? 21:17
  • Rosemary on her favorite spirit communication tools. 28:55
    • Ghost Box
    • Black Mirror Scrying
    • Tarot
    • Dowsing Rods
  • The human being is the best paranormal tool of all. Too much emphasis is placed on the devices. 32:14
  • Psychics vs. science in paranormal research. “It is a mistake to shut the door on the paraphysical, on the psychic, in the mistaken notion that it makes you more credible.” 34:00
  • Be finely attuned to the environment you’re investigation! 35:02
  • The “personal experience”. 38:46
  • Apparently Rosemary is NOT a nerd! What?! 43:30
  • Keep up with and follow Rosemary Ellen Guiley! 44:36


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  • Outro 54:54
  • BONUS – More of Patrick's 1981 interview. 56:30 

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Coming soon! Strange Dimensions with Rosemary Ellen Guiley on KGRA radio! 

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