Psychic Medium Chris Medina – The Big Seance Podcast #73

Sep 15, 2016 | 1 comment

An Interview with Psychic Medium Chris Medina on The Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #73 -
Patrick has a candid conversation with psychic medium Chris Medina on his mediumship, touring the country, some of his most memorable readings, and why he carries sage with him everywhere he goes!

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In this episode: 

  •  Episode Preview :00
  • Intro 2:05
  • Teacher Voice and Halloween Decorations 2:38
  • Patrick will soon be checking in to the haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis! 4:15
  • Voice Feedback from Dianna! She rocks! 6:58
  • Welcome to the parlor, Chris Medina! 8:55
  • Why does it seem that fewer men identify as psychic mediums? 12:58
  • Chris was born psychic and he can’t shut it off. 14:15
  • Chris always asks clients, “Is there anything you want me to stay away from?” 16:11
  • The day Chris decided to make being a psychic medium his life work. 19:42
  • Validation 24:12
  • Skepticism 25:10
  • Chris carries sage with him at all times! 27:24
  • Early paranormal experiences 29:00
  • Darker experiences 33:19
  • No spirit communication tools needed 36:30
  • Paranormal Investigation 37:17
  • Self Image 38:55
  • The best part of being psychic medium Chris Medina 42:51
  • Can readings be therapeutic? 43:46
  • How does being psychic affect your relationships? 45:55
  • A few memorable readings 49:47
  • A book will be coming soon! 58:57
  • What kind of nerd is Chris Medina? 59:18
  • What’s coming up and where to find Chris 1:00:17
  • Outro 1:01:20


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Twitter: @PsychicChrisM

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