Pictorial Tour of the Beautiful Fox Theatre in St. Louis… just because…

Mar 27, 2013 | 2 comments

This may seem a bit off topic, but these historic theatres are just so mysteriously beautiful to me. Built and designed in what has been called “Siamese Byzantine” style, The Fox Theatre in St. Louis is one of my current obsessions. I've taken so many pictures on each visit that I had a very hard time narrowing them down for this post. Like most theatres of its kind, the Fox Theatre was originally built as a movie palace in 1929… for “talkies”. It sat vacant and forgotten for several years and then in the 80s it was purchased and a $2 million renovation brought this beauty back to life. It has seen the biggest stars, and each year serves as temporary home to national tours of Broadway productions and concerts. There's really no theatre like it! But wait! There actually is a paranormal element to this post. The Fox Theatre is supposedly home to two ghosts. I haven't met them, but I hope to… someday. 

Not a great picture… but I couldn't NOT show you these amazing ticket booths.

The lobby during the holidays.

Ceiling in the lobby.

Lobby. And at the top of those stairs is a restaurant for the big spenders. (Totally reminds me of the Harmonia Gardens in Hello Dolly.)

Restaurant in the lobby.

This hangs above the restaurant at the top of the lobby stairs.

Just one of the traditional “ghost lights” at the Fox Theatre.

Took a ride in this old elevator. I think it's beautiful!

Inside the theatre (obviously).

Entrance to the backstage area.

One of the many hallways underneath the theatre.

Some of the original projection equipment outside of the screening room in the basement (next picture).

The screening room in the basement of the theatre.

Can you believe this is just one of the men's rooms? Of course then it would have been called a “smoking lounge”.  I love the floor and the blue on the walls.

Old phone booths in the men's room.



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