Paranormal Social Work with Barb Huyser – Big Seance Podcast #147

Jul 30, 2019 | 0 comments

Paranormal Social Work with Barb Huyser - Big Seance Podcast #147
Barb Huyser, founder of Small Town Ghosts has been investigating the paranormal since she was a graduate student in 1977. She and her team approach crossover work with something she calls paranormal social work. In this episode you'll hear about the haunting of “Rhoda's House” in one of the greatest stories ever told on the podcast.

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In this episode:

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Episode Teaser :33

Intro 1:37

You’re about to receive a gift. Barb Huyser is a storyteller, and you’re going to hear what is quite possibly the best story I’ve heard here on the Big Seance. 2:20

Pouring the tea! Today I’m drinking “Eye of the Hawk” tea by the sponsor of today’s episode, Nuwati Herbals3:24
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Barb is an author and the founder of Small Town Ghosts out of Monmouth, Illinois. She has been investigating the paranormal since she was a graduate student in 1977. 5:35

Barb explains how she and her team approaches crossover work with “paranormal social work.” 7:03

“It’s not a natural thing to have a ghost in our homes.”
“My team’s approach has always been, from the very beginning, to see what we could do to help the ghost make a different choice than the one they made at the time that they died, and move on to the Other Side.” 10:35

Crossover work is highly individualized. 11:06

Sometimes they simply don’t know they’re dead. 12:25

When house calls get tough. 16:57

Saving Sarah and the haunting of Rhoda’s House. An amazing story of the single most important investigation Barb was ever a part of. It began in 1977 and didn’t wrap up until 2012! 20:15


Paranormal TV like The Other Side and The Dead Files. 1:12:23

Teaching a new generation to establish rapport and call on the Other Side to assist in crossovers. “This is a time when you can make a difference.” 1:13:45

Establishing boundaries and playing “Let’s Make a Deal” with ghosts. 1:17:00

Putting ghosts on a behavior program. 1:18:29

Cleaning up after thrill-seeking paranormal groups. 1:25:31

When crossovers don’t work, sometimes you just have to evict a bad ghost. 1:31:00

“The rule of thumb.” Is there a secret behind the McPike Mansion? 1:35:54

An upcoming book and final thoughts from Barb Huyser. 1:37:50

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 1:40:33

Outro 1:42:24


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