One-Year Anniversary and 173rd Post! Thank You!

Feb 5, 2013 | 6 comments

I am excited to announce that today is the ONE YEAR anniversary of The Big Séance! One year and 19,000 views ago, I decided to step out of my box and try my hand at blabbing away on the topic of the paranormal. I really had no idea what I was doing or even what I wanted the blog to end up being (I still don't know, actually). I figured the blogging fad had come and gone but I’d give it a try. I just knew that I had been learning so much about spirit communication through my reading and paranormal investigation, and I really needed a place to get it out of my system… I needed a place to talk it through.
With my first post on Spirit Guides, I challenged myself to blog once a day. With a full-time job and paranormal investigations (another full-time job) on the side, this is nearly impossible… but I’m a little bit crazy and so for several weeks I succeeded. I kept hearing about how “consistency” in the blog world was really important, so I worried about my transition to an every other day post. I have since adjusted to a nice and comfortable (and more realistic) “whenever I can” schedule… but readership is growing every month and you folks are still with me.
Since that first post, my loyal readers have supported me through book and movie reviews, meditation and channeling, dream discussions, paranormal investigations, vacations, and debates on pareidolia (just to name a few topics).  You’ve followed as I took a journey through the early days of Spiritualism with the Fox sisters, and the famous Scole Experiment. We’ve strolled through the Stanley Hotel, the Lemp Mansion, and several cemeteries together. You guys even put up with me as I shared my obsession of 100 year-old yearbooks from my hometown.
By far, my most popular post has been Thomas Edison and the Phonograph. It has been shared so many times and gets multiple hits every day. I’m curious to know how this post gets around so much. If I knew it was going to be so popular, I probably would have spent a little more time on it. The post that comes in second place is Communicating with Dead Celebrities and the Famous.  
You’ve supported me through several major experiments, including some of my first detailed EVP experiments, spirit box and other radio sweep experiments, and more recently, Ouija and séance experiments. Many of these experiments are ongoing, including joint experiments with Randall Keller and Marilyn Painter.
Through this experience of blogging I’ve met authors, investigators, researchers, and you… the readers… who have shared so much, allowing us all to learn from you. And yes, I’ve gained friendships. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the experience with me. And by the way… Ash is still the top comment leaver, followed closely by Maria Laing. Let the competition continue!

To give back, I'd like to share some of the blogs that have given me inspiration and an education in many ways. (Paranormalogistically)
The Voices Blog, The Voices Blog Unplugged, and The Voices Podcast (Randall Keller) (Channeling Erik: Conversations with my son in the afterlife) (Building the Bridge: Moving Consciousness from Here to the Future) (Paranormal Housewives) (Karl Pfeiffer) (News from the Spirit World) (Ghostly Dramas) (Where the Indigos Are) (Mystic Ascension Memoirs: Journey Into the Experiences of a Mystic) (Holistic Words: Inspirational Words for the Holistic Mind) (Green Eggs and Sam) (The Nomadic Angel: Daily Thoughts, Ponderings, and Things that Inspire Life) (Creating Within: My Inner Journal: On a Personal Journey “Creating-From-Within”) (The Dawn of Fire: Connection to Heaven) (The Risen: Dialogues of Love, Grief, & Survival Beyond Death — 21st Century Reports from the Afterlife through Contemplative, Intuitive, & Physical Mediumship) (Notsofancynancy: How the hell did I get here?) (Into the Heart: Awakening Dreamer)

I can't believe it has been a year already! I've learned so much… and I've enjoyed the journey!


What have been your favorite posts? And what kinds of posts will likely keep you coming back to the Big Séance?