My Acceptance Speech

Jun 27, 2016 | 0 comments

It was such an honor to be nominated for the People's Choice Podcast Awards. As someone who has followed the awards for a few years, it was a rush to see and hear “The Big Séance Podcast” on the slate of nominations. But how did I even get nominated? I bugged the heck out of you to help me. And you did! A total of 1,182 shows were nominated by listeners and we were one of the 200 shows that made it past the grading and review process.

Then came the voting process. I bugged the heck out of you, I bugged the heck out of you, and I bugged the heck out of you again. And this time it took more effort and commitment from everyone. But once again, I had your support. I didn't anticipate having fun during that process, but many of you joined in and did what you could to make it not so tedious. Didn't it go by fast? I kind of had fun making those annoying memes.

Yesterday the awards ceremony went live on YouTube, with nominated podcast hosts standing by via Skype in the event their names were called. Thank God this process did not require filming my gracious loser face like the Oscars. But this was way more complicated than one would think. I was nervous enough without adding the crazy tech element to the “will we win and what will I say” element. If you were watching LIVE, you know that this year it was kind of a huge mess, which added more pressure to NOT be the one to look like an idiot… and… I nearly threw up by the time they go to the Science and Medicine category. (By the way, as of now there is no replay video of the ceremony, but I anticipate it will be posted soon after some editing.)

We did not win.

I would be lying if I told you I wasn't sad about that, because I know my community pulled together and worked very hard, and I did want to win. We deserved it. But there are lots of great podcasts out there with their own awesome communities. They deserve it too. This just wasn't our year.

Right on time, Lana and John of Carbon Lilies came to the rescue to make the situation brighter. That's just what they do… all the time… even when no one is looking. No, we didn't win the People's Choice Podcast Award, but I won the Carbon Lilies Favoritest Podcast of All Time Award!


The Favoritest Podcast of All Time Award

13494876_1618451245134268_5291133692489391635_nAfter feeling like I just received a virtual hug from Lana and John, I looked at the notes I had jotted down for my acceptance speech. I realized that this bigger and better award gave me the opportunity to show my appreciation for every one of you.

After some spelling corrections, here is the repurposed acceptance speech, exactly as I nervously typed it into a document while losing my mind waiting for our category:


Seriously? I think I’m going to throw up. [Ha! Yes I typed this stuff out. You guys are used to me scripting most of my shows by now, right?] 

My podcast has truly changed my life… and this right now is just blowing my mind. And you know what? Today is actually the 2-year anniversary of the show. 

I want to thank Lana & John of Carbon Lilies, who are perhaps my biggest supporters, Diane & Denise of the History Goes Bump Podcast, and Joey Bucheker of Cocktails and Cream Puffs. I want to thank my partner Joe for putting up with all the crazy paranormal stuff, and my parents for encouraging me to be the nerd that I am. I want to thank Tim Prasil, who is now contributing regular segments for the show called the Spectral Edition — We’ve been getting great feedback about those segments. I want to thank Jim Harold, Dave Jackson, Daniel J. Lewis, Elsie Escobar, Rob Walch, Ray Ortega, Jessica Kupferman, Harry Duran, and Todd Cochrane. You guys, whether you realize it or not, have given me a true education on this thing called podcasting.

But mostly, I want to thank every one of my #PARANERDS, because they are the reason why this just happened!


Seriously. It would be impossible to fairly and accurately thank every #PARANERD, so know that you are appreciated. And thank you Lana and John for the stunning and thoughtful award!!! I'm honored.