The Big Séance Live!

The 2016 Halloween SÉANCE!

Karen A. Dahlman on the Big Séance Podcast, Ouija and the Paranormal, BigSeance.comI am so very excited to finally share this year's 2016 Halloween Seance with my guests, Ouija expert Karen Dahlman, and her board partner, Rodney! I want to thank those listeners who submitted questions for the seance weeks ago, and also thank them for their patience in waiting so long to see the response. We had so many submissions that there were quite a few that we didn't get to. Please know that we did our best to get to as many as we could.
If we covered your question in the seance, or even if you were simply a viewer, please comment below or contact me with any validations, thoughts, or feelings after watching.
Thank you Karen and Rodney! And to my listeners and readers, Happy Halloween!! Enjoy!

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