The 2016 Halloween SÉANCE!

I am so very excited to finally share this year’s 2016 Halloween Seance with my guests, Ouija expert Karen Dahlman, and her board partner, Rodney! I want to thank those listeners who submitted questions for the seance weeks ago, and also thank them for their patience in waiting so long to see the response. We had so many submissions that there were quite a few that we didn’t get to. Please know that we did our best to get to as many as we could. 

If we covered your question in the seance, or even if you were simply a viewer, please comment below or contact me with any validations, thoughts, or feelings after watching.

Thank you Karen and Rodney! And to my listeners and readers, Happy Halloween!! Enjoy!


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Thursday, July 30, 2015

12 responses to “LIVE!

  • Karen A. Dahlman

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

  • memoryjogger

    Hi Patrick and Karen,

    Easy question – does distance have any effect on spirit communication? For example USA to Australia etc. Cheers!

  • Denise Seah

    I have a question for the Ouija: I have been saying I am quiting the horse business every year since 1986, so my question is what year will I actually retire from the horse business. Please say soon!

  • Chrystal

    My husband Pete and daughter Autumn are eager to get back into acting. Will they get back into acting? If so when? And if they do will it be full time or part time?

  • Regan

    Hi Karen, we both have a black vampire kitty! Thanks for tonight! Can you tell me the name of my main guide?

  • Corbin

    We could all use a little abundance in our lives. May we all have tomorrow’s power ball numbers? 🙂 would there be negative reprocusions for utilizing these gifts in this way?

  • Nicholas S. Antolick

    This is the most amazing show I’ve ever seen!!! Wow… 😀

  • Patty ballance

    If not too late do you think I could get a message from uncle bill?

  • Julia Pickett Trenton

    I have been working hard & taking action to produce wealth in my life. I would like to know when is it time for me to start reaping what I have sowed? Give me anything that will give me assurance or cause a light bulb to go on in my mind. thanks, Julia 🙂

    • Patrick Keller

      I apologize for not responding before now. Unfortunately this came just a few hours too late for the seance. I wish you luck with all the wealth reaping. 🙂

    • Karen A. Dahlman

      Hi Julia. I just checked in with The Guides and they are telling me that you already are reaping abundance, although it may not be appearing to show up as you think it should. They are saying that you are to acknowledge all of the seemingly small changes (yet, significant changes to the greater scheme) that have been happening within your life. Acknowledge these little pots of gold and this appreciation will allow the pots of gold to grow into greater pots of abundance. Focus on what is abundantly present now within your life and more of this type of energy will continue to flow to you….that is a key to greater wealth.

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