Keith Johnson Remembers the Conjuring Case, Plus the Truth About Bathsheba – The Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal World #42

Sep 18, 2015 | 0 comments

Interview with demonologist Keith Johnson on his experiences with the Conjuring case, on The Big Séance Podcast. Visit

Keith and Sandra Johnson

Demonologist Keith Johnson was one of the first to investigate the now famous farmhouse that inspired the movie, The Conjuring. He has also been featured on paranormal television shows, such as Syfy's Ghost Hunters. His experience at the now famous farmhouse in Rhode Island was all before Ed and Lorraine Warren showed up on the scene. Keith shares the truth about Bathsheba, whether the farmhouse is still haunted, a response to the current owner speaking out, plus some behind the scenes controversy involving the Warrens. 

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In this episode:

  • Episode Preview :00
  • Some context and an introduction to my interview with Keith Johnson 2:49
  • Meet Keith Johnson, demonologist and paranormal investigator 8:50
  • Keith’s appearances in early episodes of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters 9:42
  • How did Keith find himself at the farmhouse now made famous by the movie, The Conjuring? 10:25
  • Keith gets a tour of the property by the Perron children 13:32
  • Rumors about a suicide in the barn at the farmhouse (Mrs. Arnold) 13:40
  • Seeing ghostly apparitions in the house 16:40
  • A slammed window and a slapped face: Keith comforts the children 20:42
  • PIRO, Keith’s paranormal investigation team, commits to helping the Perron family 25:45
  • Do you think I’m crazy?29:35
  • Keith Johnson’s connection with Ed and Lorraine Warren 30:36
  • Carolyn Perron’s threatening paranormal experiences, including her first major experience with what was thought to be the spirit of Bathsheba Sherman. This led to the Warrens kicking Keith and PIRO off of the case! 31:50
  • “Leave the lights on all night!” 43:40
  • The truth about Bathsheba and the Conjuring story 47:18
  • Andrea Perron’s House of Darkness House of Light trilogy compared to The Conjuring movie 54:16
  • Norma, the current owner of the farmhouse speaks out! 56:15
  • Is the Conjuring house still haunted? Keith shares his opinion. 59:25
  • EVP recorded in the farmhouse 1:02:25
  • Keith’s favorite paranormal tools and toys! 1:05:52
  • Demonology and more coming up on Part 2 of my conversation with Keith Johnson! 1:11:31

For those interested in more information or research into Bathsheba, I highly recommend the following article by J'aime Rubio: The Real Bathsheba Sherman – True History vs. “Conjured” Fiction
For more on Keith Johnson:
New England Anomalies Research and Investigations (N.E.A.R.)

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