Joni Mayhan, EVP, and Haunted New Harmony – The Big Seance Podcast #120

May 31, 2018 | 0 comments

An Interview with author and paranormal researcher Joni Mayhan on EVP, and Haunted New Harmony - The Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #120
Author and Paranormal Investigator, Joni Mayhan, shares what it's like to grow up as a sensitive, and her favorite stories from her Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walk and Investigations! Plus hear four great EVP samples from Joni's collection!

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In this episode: 

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :54

The Bio. Welcome to the parlor, Joni Mayhan! 1:28

Joni refers to herself as a “sensitive”. What’s a sensitive and what is it like? And why not the term, “medium?” 3:50

Reading and writing about the paranormal. 6:00

Joni’s newest book, Haunted New Harmony. Get the book and learn about the small and historic community in Indiana. 10:48

Developing a relationship with the spirit of Mary Emily Fauntleroy from Joni’s Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks and Investigations15:52

Spirit Communication, EVP, and treating spirit like human beings. 20:52

Experiences from the Evansville Civic Theatre 22:24

How does Joni combine her sensitivity with using traditional paranormal investigation tools? 26:39

The P-SB7 Spirit Box, the Phasmabox, the Portal Wonder Box, Spirit Box Enhancers, and the future of EVP and paranormal investigation. 28:31

EVP Sample: “Chairs tick.” You will want to be wearing headphones or ear buds. 36:05

EVP Sample: “We want Joni Mayhan to talk to us” on the Phasmabox. 38:35

EVP Sample: “Sit down” 41:04

EVP Sample: “Take our pic” 41:58

“Be careful what you wish for.” Mediumistic abilities come with a price. 44:05

More information on the Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walks and Investigations46:53

Two new books in the works! 50:50

Joni has a special connection with The Haunted Victorian Mansion in Gardner, Massachusetts. 53:28

Where to find Joni online! 56:23

Outro 58:13

Outtake 59:50

#Paranerd Hashtag 1:00:05


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