Jack-O-Lanterns and a Beautiful Fall Evening in the Cemetery: An Update in 8 Photos

Oct 26, 2014 | 0 comments

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern for 2014, Big Seance
Yesterday I carved my jack-o-lantern for 2014. As usual, I decided to go with a classic look that is very close to last year's grin. And yes, that's the Halloween Altar in the background, with the addition of the Beistle reprints that I ordered this year. As usual, I always have difficulty choosing which photos to share with you, so you're getting several.
Halloween Jack-O-Lantern for 2014, Big Seance
Halloween Jack-O-Lantern for 2014, Big Seance
It has been so warm for October lately, and our 80 degree days will kill a jack-o-lantern in no time. I've decided that for the next few days we're bringing them in late at night when we blow them out. That way they'll be much more comfortable inside and away from the sun and heat during the day.
Halloween Polka Dot Disco Jack-O-Lantern 2014, Big Seance
As you may know, Joe always has to break the mold with his jack-o-lanterns. Here is this year's polka-dotted disco ball jack-o-lantern! We like the reflections on the post.
Halloween Altar 2014, Big Seance
Another look at the Halloween Altar.
Fall Leaves in the Cemetery, Big Seance
This evening I took a trip to the cemetery to pay my adopted souls a visit for my 2014 grave adoption project. I discovered so many beautiful trees that weren't in this condition on my last visit. It cooled down quite a bit by the time I got there, and so it was beautiful weather. It's still weird to be wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt in a cemetery on the week of Halloween.
Fall Leaves in a Cemetery, Big Seance
Fall Leaves in a Cemetery, Big Seance
Grave Adoptions 2014, Rühenpohl, Big Seance
One of my grave adoptions for the year. The small pumpkin is still going strong from 3 weeks ago. All of my small pumpkins that I kept in the comfort of my home rotted long ago, so I'm pretty impressed.