International Spiritual Medium Barrie John – Big Seance Podcast #138

Mar 24, 2019 | 0 comments

An Interview with International Spiritual Medium Barrie John on Ouija, Trance and Physical Mediumship, and Losing our Beloved Pets - Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #138
A conversation with International Spiritual Medium, Barrie John, on topics such as the Ouija board, his supportive upbringing, the loss of beloved pets, the use of cards in mediumship, his work with trance and physical mediumship, health of the mind body and spirit, contacting deceased loved ones, and dealing with attachments, among other topics. 

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In this episode:

Teaser :00

Intro :52

Barrie John’s Bio 1:26

Welcome, Barrie! 3:00

Barrie recently got to hang out with our friend and popular Big Seance guest, Karen A. Dahlman! They were sharing and teaching others about the Ouija board. 4:10

Why does the Ouija board sometimes give people the silent treatment? 6:06

Barrie’s first Ouija experience. Also, comical ouija communication! 7:44

Barrie was brought up in a supportive family that was very open to mediumship and spirit communication. 11:03

Losing our beloved pets and communication from the afterlife. 16:25

Using cards as both a relaxation tool, and validation in mediumship 20:20

Amazing experiences during Barrie’s work with trance and physical mediumship 23:50

Finding development groups and likeminded people when you’re in the middle of nowhere 28:36

Health of the Mind, Body, and Spirit 31:27

Barrie’s biggest influences 33:05

The Spiritualists’ National Union 34:56

Trouble connecting with deceased family members when communicating with strangers on the other side seems to come easy 36:16 

Attachments, demons, and “ass souls” 40:20

Aliens and UFOs 44:12

Final thoughts and how to get more Barrie in your life! 46:20

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 49:35

Outro 51:10


For more on Barrie John
Twitter: @BarrieJohn1973
Instagram: @BarrieJohn_Medium
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