Grief Dreams with Joshua Black – The Big Seance Podcast #110

Dec 9, 2017 | 0 comments

Grief Dreams with Joshua Black - The Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #110
Joshua Black, one of the leading academic researchers of dreams and the deceased, talks to Patrick about grief dreams, including the categories of visitations and precognition.

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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :38

You can now find the show in Spotify! How did YOU find us? Please let me know! 1:12

Welcome to our guest, Joshua Black! 2:20

Joshua had his first grief dream after his father’s death. He still has them regularly. 4:53

Researching Grief Dreams 8:00

Support for the bereaved, dogma, and being open to talking about grief dreams 11:13

Working with grieving children, dream recall, and more on dogma 14:55

Is it a Visitation Dream? The transformation that can take place after one of these dreams. Plus misinformation out there about interpreting dreams. 18:40

Our loved ones don’t always make an appearance in grief dreams. 26:55

Patrick shares his first visitation dream. Also, why do some people receive these dreams and some people never do? 28:55

Can a dream predict death? Precognitive Death Dreams 32:09

What happens when a dreamer has negative grief dreams? 38:34

Dreamers helping to cross souls over. Psychopomps and Rescue Mediums. 42:55

Why does it take so long for some to have a grief dream? 45:40

A comforting dream from Natalia. 47:38

Children’s Grief Awareness Event, plus more on helping grieving children 48:55

The Grief Dreams Podcast 53:15

Learn to love and be kind to ourselves. Final thoughts and words of wisdom from Joshua. 56:30

More paranormal dreams and further discussion of the “psychopomp” phenomena. 58:25

Another one of Patrick’s favorite dreams where he was able to see the full blown apparition of a spirit. 1:03:25

Where to find Joshua and how to share your dreams! 1:06:55

Outro 1:08:58


For more on Joshua and his work:

The Grief Dreams Podcast

Instagram: @GriefDreams

Twitter: @GriefDreams

Facebook Group: Grief Dreams

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