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I’d love to include your voice in an upcoming episode of The Big Séance Podcast! Do you have feedback or a question about a previous episode? Visit the link below to record your voice feedback on my SpeakPipe page!


Use Speakpipe to Record Voice Feedback!


You can also just call me at (775) 583-5563 (7755-TELL-ME)



6 responses to “Record Voice Feedback!

  • Marquel Evans

    Patrick! I wanted to give some feedback about your show…and one word, bravo! I feel it is really hard to find genuine real discussions with real mediums, psychics, etc and you’ve done a really good job at providing that for your listeners/followers. At times it is frustrating when searching for like minding people and shows that really take the paranormal seriously, and your show is a breath of fresh air from that. I’d also like to throw out a suggestion, or more of a fan request I suppose, it would be so amazing if you could get Amy Allan of The Dead Files to cohost or interview on your show. Good job! Keep up the Good work!

    Best wishes for you and your show,

    -Salt Lake City UT Fan, Marquel Evans

    • Patrick Keller

      Hi, Marquel! Thanks so much for your very kind comment! I actually assumed I had responded to you, but it appears I never did. I wanted to let you know that I’ve been in touch with the Amy Allan’s crew for a while now. Since she’s currently on a busy filming schedule, it has been difficult. They will hopefully be staying in touch with me so that when things slow down for her, we can schedule some paranerd time! Thank you for the suggestion. I need more of these. 🙂

  • Rody Speake

    I am looking forward to hearing your show and your guest Karen A Dahlman.. I called the above phone number and left my name & several questions and I didn’t know if I should do something else.. Should I try to send my questions another way? Thanks again and very much looking forward to hearing this show… I will keep checking here to find a time and date you will be airing it!

    • Patrick Keller

      Your questions came in! Thanks so much! Make sure you’re subscribed to or check back over the next week or two for the seance when I post it! Have a great week!

  • Dylan McNamara

    I call up and I ask will I find my purpose. I hope you can answer my question. I love the show thank you.

  • Sarah Norton (Pellerin Huffman)

    Hey Patrick, I know I tell you how much I love your podcast at The Big Seance Parlor on Facebook. I absolutely love your podcast and I will definitely be suggesting this to friends. I am debating on purchasing some stickers to place into some Geocaches (you can get more info at I love everything that you are doing and hope that you will forever continue doing the podcast for a long time.

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