Face in the Staples Receipt…

Mar 2, 2012 | 10 comments


Yesterday's post was on The Shroud of Turin. Today I present to you… The Receipt of Staples (you know you want to laugh).

Take a look at this face! I see a boy with very neatly parted hair in a tux. But wait… do you see more than one face? I see at least three. The creepiest one took me a while and is in the middle and to the left of the word “online”.
I make no claim that this is truly paranormal, and neither does the site that I believe originally posted this, or the man who submitted it. I'm certain this would be relatively easy to fake, being that it is digitized and online, and we don't have much information about the source it came from, other than his name. However, receipts these days are sometimes printed on a mysterious thermal paper with an image that seems to disappear quickly…and as a person who keeps all of his receipts in his wallet, if these receipts ever get wet, good luck reading what was originally printed on them. Wikipedia tells us that “most direct thermal papers require a protective topcoating to reduce fading of the thermal image caused by exposure to UV light, water, oils, grease, lard, fats, plasticizers, and similar causes.” Reduce these things? That tells me a certain amount of it is expected to happen, creating magic artwork on the paper as it gets crinkled, handled with greasy hands, left out in the sunlight, etc. So it would be fairly easy for me to believe that a receipt could come out with patterns that would create a visual pareidolia… or recently referred to as matrixing. But is this little boys face a little too clear and perfect?
Here's another face on a receipt…

You can find tons of examples of the phenomenon pareidolia on the internet. Some are man-made on purpose and some examples of pareidolia make their way to the toast you ate for breakfast this morning. Are you sure that wasn't the face of Jesus? Or maybe you passed by the image of a stained Mother Mary on the way to work under an overpass? Oh look! There's a cloud outside my window in the shape of a Care Bear! 🙂