Dominic Parker, the Creator of the Am I Psychic App – The Big Seance Podcast #105

Oct 5, 2017 | 0 comments

An Interview with Dominic Parker, the creator of the Am I Psychic? mobile app - The Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #105 -
Joining Patrick in the parlor this week is Dominic Parker, the creator of the Am I Psychic? mobile app that’s bringing parapsychology into the 21st Century! It’s a legitimate psychological study that users can participate in while playing! Plus random number generators, and parapsychology as a study!

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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00
Intro :27
Dominic Parker’s Bio 1:00
Dominic is the creator of the Am I Psychic? mobile app! 3:26
If you choose, you can have the data of your game play sent anonymously to Dominic. It’s a legitimate psychological experiment. How cool is that?! 5:39
A portion of the profits from the app are being donated to the Rhine Research Center7:55
There’s no way to cheat! 9:25
The art design for the app is by Melody Moore. 11:19
Random Number Generators 12:55
The app has two modes: Psychokinesis (PK) and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). 19:30
The three different games in the app are Dice, Cards, and Spoon Bending! 21:20
A clarification on how PK mode works. 25:13
Does Uri Geller, the famous spoon bender, know about the app? 27:30
What’s in store for this app and what might we expect from the future data and results? 30:45
Praise for the Am I Psychic? app! 33:13
The field of parapsychology and the problem of finding funding for research 35:37
Dominic’s road to a Ph.D 40:10
Thoughts and criticism of ghost hunting and the current paranormal craze 44:30
Dominic’s road to a Ph.D (Continued) 49:00
Contacting Dominic and where to find the Am I Psychic app 52:55
It turns out Dominic is a seriously classic NERD! 55:05
Outro 56:00
#Paranerd Hashtag 57:35
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Screenshot #3 Screenshot #4

For more on the Am I Psychic? app!
Twitter: @AmIPsychicApp

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