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11 responses to “Contact and Connect

  • Randall Keller

    I tried to leave a comment under the book review you wrote. I don’t know if I did it right. My eyes fail me sometimes and I click on the wrong things. For all I know, I just launched a missile somewhere.

    I just discovered that you have a blog! I don’t know why I just discovered it, but I did. And I must say, I really appreciated your post on Voices From Forever. Seems to me that I should be asking you if I can use that review, but I felt stupid doing that. But if sanity returns and I post a review or two, would you mind?

    Anyway, I really appreciate the kind words. It means a great deal to me. Thank you!

    PEACE!! 🙂

    • Patrick

      Randy… I’m honored you found the blog and I’d be honored for you to use my review. I meant every word of it. I obviously love your books, but you are so easy to listen to as well. I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you considered recording other authors books? You’d be great! 🙂 Or maybe you could be the new “batteries not included” voice. 🙂

      PEACE!! 🙂

  • davehaith

    *Correction: I discovered a piece of information that is incorrect in this post. I mentioned an apport of a newspaper that was verified to be authentic. It turns out this wasn’t an apport. It was actually the photo of a newspaper, ‘The Daily Mirror’, from 1936. It manifested on sealed photographic film during a sitting. The following is from the caption of the photo in the book: “A copy of the original was obtained. It was almost identical to the photograph, with some minor differences which indicated it might have been from another edition on the same day. The newspaper was tested and proved to be genuine wartime paper.”

    This doesn’t make sense. If it was a photo of the newspaper then how could the newspaper be tested and proved to be genuine wartime paper?

  • August Goforth

    Hi! Got your link from my good friend, Rob Smith, Australian EVP expert extraordinaire! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi – although I wonder if we ever met? I’m in NYC.

    • Patrick

      August, first of all I’m very honored to find that you and Rob made it to my blog. Thanks for visiting. I don’t make it out of Missouri often, so it’s probable that we have not met! 🙂

  • deborahjhughesd

    Hi Patrick! I was wondering if I could do a blog interview with you? I think my readers would love hearing from a bona fide ghost buster! If you are up to it, just let me know and I’ll send you a list of question…or if you would rather just write something on your own to post on my blog, that would be fine as well…whatever you want to do…if you can and would like to do it! Thanks!

  • Vanessa

    Hello, I noticed your interest in old yearbooks from Lexington Missouri High School and hope you can help me. I am looking for a copy of yearbooks from 1954 and 1955 for my father. He was unable to get them when he was in school and has been looking for them for some time now. I would like to find them and surprise him with them. Please contact me if you know where I can find a copy. Thank you!

    • Patrick Keller

      Hi Vanessa! I sure hope you can find those books. The 50s era of yearbooks are pretty hard to find. I frequently do a search on both Ebay and Amazon. A lot of times if a seller has a yearbook they’ll post them on multiple sites. Sometimes I see the same ones. Sometimes the yearbook and the photo will be on the site for years but the status will say “unavailable”, so I’m assuming it has been purchased and the item just hasn’t been deleted. I did a quick search on amazon and ebay and don’t see anything. It’s also difficult to narrow down the search to just search for Lexington MO, rather than every other Lexington in the world. If there are better sites, I haven’t found them. Keep me posted. Good luck!

  • L

    Hi… I discovered your podcast about two months ago and have listened to many of the episodes since then. Love listening whilst hiking and walking in the park. Very interesting and informative… Have a personal inquiry: I am interested in having clairvoyant classes/training to fine tune my skills (in order to become a pro/do this as a career). Can you recommend anyone in the Tinley Park, IL (or nearby such as Lombard) area who offers classes? We are having trouble finding skilled clairvoyants who can bring me up to scratch on techniques and tips. Please let me know if you have anyone in mind. Thought we would ask since you have a lot of contacts from the show. Best wishes and have a lovely festive season.

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