Chip Coffey tells it like it is – The Big Seance Podcast #85

Feb 2, 2017 | 1 comment


Psychic Medium Chip Coffey tells it like it is! Plus, waiting 9 years for a sign from his mother from the Afterlife, Psychic Kids, Paranormal State, disbelievers, communicating with celebrities, and why he is NOT Saint Chip of Georgia!


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In this episode:

  • Episode Teaser :00
  • Intro 1:51
  • I finally cracked Chip Coffey! Thanks to those paranerds who contributed questions for this episode! 2:25
  • Chip’s Bio 4:39
  • When did Chip first know about his gift? What were those early experiences? 12:35
  • Do you ever stop developing your psychic or mediumistic abilities? 16:37
  • Becoming a professional psychic medium, and Chip’s time with Paranormal State! 17:21
  • Chip Coffey’s Psychic Kids! 19:01
  • How does Chip keep grounded and focused? 20:32
  • When a medium needs a medium, who do you go to? 22:23
  • When you sense a haunting in a home. 24:40
  • Skeptics (disbelievers) and keeping a positive attitude! 27:04
  • The internet and Wikipedia is infested with skeptics. 31:27
  • A love for animals. 36:19
  • Some of Chip’s most moving readings! 37:06
  • Validation 40:49
  • Chip’s book, Growing Up Psychic, and tips on what parents should do if you have a psychic kid. 41:30
  • Could some of the experience I’m having mean I am developing psychic abilities? How do I develop them? 42:55
  • Your words can either help or hurt, wound or heal. 46:09
  • Communicating with celebrities (John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Jr.) 49:10
  • Is it wrong to attempt communication with someone soon after they die? 51:13
  • Patrick reflects on his question for Roberta Grimes about having a personal plan for after death communication. Cross over first! Come back to visit later! 54:09
  • Chip waited 9 years to get a sign from his mother from the Afterlife. 1:02:00
  • What kind of nerd is Chip Coffey outside of the paranormal and being a psychic? 1:05:26
  • Cousin Kenny! 1:10:15
  • Chip is NOT Saint Chip of Georgia! 1:11:42
  • What’s coming up for Chip? Also, private readings. Check out 1:12:40


  • Outro 1:20:30
  • Easter Egg (A laugh with Chip Coffey is great for the soul!) 1:22:10


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