Calling All Dream Interpreters. Ready Go!

Jul 22, 2014 | 8 comments

Me jogging (not swimming) through the water in a long, single lane lap pool in my very nice yard (of a very nice home). I was jogging back and forth from the deep to the shallow end. 
A group of neighborhood kids playing in the yard around me.
One girl continues to be mean, causing trouble and starting fights. 
I scold the mean girl, tell her to “peace out” and “leave the property”.
The girl leaves (after making a dramatic exit).
The rest of the kids cheer and then continue playing again.
I continue jogging through the water, where I find an obnoxious, clunky, yet decorative, brown, plastic, helmet-looking “thinking cap” contraption in the water.
Stop laughing at me. No seriously.
It is so hard to explain or describe it, but I see it in my head perfectly. 
Think –> 
Complete with wires and parts that would have to be included for such a cap.
Except more like (excuse my lame sketch)… 
 …and in the shape of a plus or cross.
And all surfaces covered in a decorative brown plastic design, similar to this.  

Stop making fun of me!
In my head, I knew that this hat/contraption had some kind of fame or significance to it. In the dream, a memory came back to me of some famous female (that I knew?) saying “This is the hat that I wore in blah blah…” as if it were a costume or prop from some old Hollywood film from the 40s or 50s.
I remember thinking I should use it for a project or something. 

Okay ready GO! I'll also except referrals for therapists and psychiatrists. 


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