Astrology and What’s Ahead for 2018 – The Big Seance Podcast #112

Jan 16, 2018 | 0 comments


Astrologer Dena DeCastro returns to give us a forecast of what's ahead for 2018. Is synchronicity behind the sex scandals and other developing scandals and stories around the world? And two listeners receive their own readings!

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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :55

Astrologer Extraordinaire, Dena DeCastro stops by the parlor!! 1:30

Pouring the tea! 3:16

Reflecting back on 2016. Check out Episode 53, where Dena gave us our first forecast for the year 2016. Will things get better this year? 3:30 

Our 2018 general forecast! Big shifts from Saturn and Uranus. 5:39

Thanks to Saturn, it’s a real “You reap what you sew” kind of year. 8:50

Uranus leaving Aries and moves into Taurus 12:45

“This would be the time, over the next eight years, for science to take it to the next step… the next level.” Plus changes in currency, Brexit, Bitcoin. 15:22

What do we need to do on a practical level? Where can you create more freedom in your life? 17:46

Synchronicity in Astrology 20:13

When a forecast makes you worry, we can only make better individual choices. 21:50

The Harvey Weinstein sex scandals and Jupiter in Scorpio. How do you use power in the world and in relationships? 23:23

A great metaphor for understanding the movement of the planets and the teachings they give us! 27:35

Dena gives Sheena, a Paranerd and an Aries, her 2018 forecast! An interesting detail to note is that Sheena’s birth chart is very similar to your host, Patrick Keller. 30:12

Ready for another Paranerd Aries? Next up is a forecast for Sheree! 44:35

These listeners were chosen at random. Is the giant Aries Fest a coincidence or synchronicity? 56:47

Paranerd Jason submitted a great question for Dena regarding Pisces and old souls in their last incarnations. 1:00:10

So what’s going on with Dena DeCastro these days? And where can you find her? 1:05:07

An update on Dena and her mandolin lessons! 1:06:54

Outro 1:07:49

#Paranerd Hashtag 1:09:24


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