Annie Mattingley and the After Death Chronicles – The Big Seance Podcast #109

Nov 22, 2017 | 1 comment

An interview with Annie Mattingley on her book,
An interview with Annie Mattingley on her book, The After Death Chronicles: True Stories of Comfort, Guidance and Wisdom from Beyond the Veil. Even after the devastating loss of Annie's daughter, she continues to communicate with her from the Other Side.

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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00
Intro :26
Annie Mattingley’s bio 1:00
Pouring an iced peppermint tea with Annie! 2:16
Annie received praise from THE Dr. Raymond Moody for her book, The After Death Chronicles: True Stories of Comfort, Guidance and Wisdom from Beyond the Veil. 3:15
Annie’s story begins with the devastating loss of her daughter, Randi. Since then she has received regular communication from her. 4:40
The need for people to share stories of after death communication with others 9:25
Annie shares how she communicates with her daughter today. 10:44
How did this after death communication affect Annie’s grieving? Does heavy grief block communication? 12:24
Responding to people who believe after death communication should be avoided because it prevents growth or prevents souls from moving on 14:55
Words of wisdom for people who really want to communicate with their deceased loved ones, but haven’t yet been successful 16:24
Honor and acknowledge the importance of your dreams. Also, practice gratitude and say “thank you.” 18:55
Annie has expertise in consciousness studies and has worked with hospice. How has this affected her work? 21:45
“I’m okay.” The fear of death 23:50
Introducing Annie to The Big Circle, a community that started as a group of parents who communicate with their deceased children through electronic voice phenomena (EVP). The group is associated with the Association TransCommunication (ATransC), formerly the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP). 26:22
A GREAT video about The Big Circle
Planning for after death communication ahead of time 29:42
What happens when relationships here in the physical were strained and not perfect? 39:00
Does reincarnation prevent our loved ones from helping us to cross over? 44:03
Do major religious stories or beliefs match up to what loved ones say from the Other Side? 46:16
Final thoughts from Annie Mattingley 48:00
Where to find Annie! 49:05
Listener Feedback/iTunes Reviews! 51:29
Please subscribe yourself and a friend to the show! 55:15
Outro 56:06
#Paranerd Hashtag! 57:45

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