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Earlier this month, while researching for a review I was writing before seeing an advanced screening of the new and exciting film, The Conjuring, I learned of the very real family behind the true story. The Perron family moved to the infamous farmhouse (built in 1736) in Harrisville, Rhode Island in 1971. It didn't take long to find a wealth of information online about Andrea Perron, the eldest of the five Perron daughters. For decades, the world knew very little about the incredible events that happened in that farmhouse. What little we knew was probably due to the fact that the famous Ed and Lorraine Warren, pioneers in the field of paranormal investigation, came to the aid of the family and documented their experiences. This was all before the famous Amityville case that involved the Warrens as well. In 2007 Andrea Perron began writing what is now a trilogy and titled House of Darkness House of Light. The movie is based on the Warrens' case files, but I can only assume that if we're looking for an accurate account of the events that happened during the span of a decade, this is where we're going to find it. 

Author, Andrea Perron

Author, Andrea Perron

I have to tell you, each of the first two volumes, released in 2011 and 2013 (the third volume hasn't been released yet), are quite intimidating, as they are around 500 pages each. But you quickly find that it's because Andrea's beautiful style of writing leaves no detail behind. She puts you in that house with the characters.
This is not a review. In fact, I'm only 66 pages into the first book. One thing is for sure, though… I'm sucked in already, and I foresee several blog posts about these books in our future.

To be continued… 

I know several of you have already been reading the books. What are your thoughts? No spoilers, please. 
For more information about Andrea Perron, visit I also recommend checking out some of her many videos on YouTube.

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