Amy Bruni and Adam Berry: America’s Favorite TV Ghost Hunters Talk About Kindred Spirits – The Big Seance Podcast #76

Oct 11, 2016 | 0 comments


Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, America's favorite TV Ghost Hunters, talk with Patrick Keller about their new project, Kindred Spirits on TLC. Plus their favorite paranormal tools, what makes them nerds, and putting a conspiracy theory to rest!


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In this episode: 

  • Episode Preview :00
  • Intro 2:00
  • Welcome Amy Bruni and Adam Berry! 2:34
  • What do you drink when you’re sitting in a séance parlor? 3:15
  • Do Amy and Adam have any control over the content we see in Kindred Spirits? 6:49
  • What you can expect to experience in the upcoming premiere episode! 9:54
  • It’s just Amy and Adam. They really do everything! 12:46
  • That fine line between what a client or homeowner needs to know and what they maybe shouldn’t know. 13:53
  • So how many of the hauntings end up being due to kindred spirits? 15:41
  • The stress of investigating, researching, and filming. 16:35
  • What are the coolest parts of being Amy and Adam that we don’t get to see? 20:57
  • Outside of the paranormal, what kind of nerds are Amy and Adam? …oh and candles! 23:15
  • Favorite paranormal tools and tech! 29:12
  • The Ovilus 5, the Spirit Box, and bringing it back to the basics. 31:20
  • Getting a paranormal education from TV shows. 39:50
  • Amy and Kris Williams were an awesome paranormal duo before Adam was in the picture. 45:35
  • A new day for paranormal TV! Kindred Spirits premieres October 21st at 10/9c on TLC! 46:30
  • Outro 51:03


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