A Lonely Old Country Cemetery at Magic Hour – Bellflower, Missouri

Oct 13, 2013 | 5 comments

Yesterday I accompanied Joe to a get together at a work friend's home in beautiful and secluded Bellflower, Missouri. It was our first trip to this part of the world. Bellflower isn't large in area and is truly in the middle of nowhere, seemingly consisting of mostly farms and gravel roads. The population is less than 400. Though that's a very small population, I'm not sure where all those residents were, because turning from one long gravel road to another, we never met another human being until we reached our destination. As we were leaving, I asked our hosts if we'd find an old cemetery nearby, and fortunately the Bellflower Baptist Cemetery, established in 1841, was fairly close. 

There aren't too many times you'll get me laying down on the ground with nature crawling all over, but for a great photographic shot in a cemetery, I don't even think twice. 

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