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House of Darkness House of Light, Volume Two, by Andrea Perron, and more on The Conjuring

Before my review below, an honest discussion about Andrea’s trilogy and The Conjuring movie.  Since the first part of July of this year, a lot of my blogs and reading have had to do with either the House of Darkness House of Light trilogy by Andrea Perron or The Conjuring movie. Even though the movie […]

House of Darkness House of Light, Volume One, by Andrea Perron…

The Conjuring, a film that has now grossed over 125 million dollars, has been ranked by Box Office Mojo as #6 for top grossing horror films of all time. Last month I had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of the film and was researching the story to write my review. In my research, I […]

Andrea Perron’s House of Darkness House of Light trilogy…

Earlier this month, while researching for a review I was writing before seeing an advanced screening of the new and exciting film, The Conjuring, I learned of the very real family behind the true story. The Perron family moved to the infamous farmhouse (built in 1736) in Harrisville, Rhode Island in 1971. It didn’t take […]

The Current Owner of The Conjuring House Speaks Out!

This evening I received a comment submitted by Norma Sutcliffe, the current owner of the house and farm that is depicted in the movie, The Conjuring. It is Norma’s house that is the main character and focus of Andrea Perron’s books that tell a lengthy and frightening decade-long story of hauntings. As I’ve mentioned before, the […]

The Story Behind The Conjuring with Andrea Perron – The Big Seance Podcast #98

  Andrea Perron, author and eldest daughter from the family depicted in the 2013 film, The Conjuring, shares her terrifying yet beautiful true story. Plus her beautiful trilogy, the truth about Bathsheba, responding to critics, and future films in the works!   Get to this episode in Apple Podcasts! Get to this episode in Google Play […]

Keith Johnson Remembers the Conjuring Case, Plus the Truth About Bathsheba – The Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal World #42

Demonologist Keith Johnson was one of the first to investigate the now famous farmhouse that inspired the movie, The Conjuring. He has also been featured on paranormal television shows, such as Syfy’s Ghost Hunters. His experience at the now famous farmhouse in Rhode Island was all before Ed and Lorraine Warren showed up on the […]

Love Never Dies: A Big Séance Book Giveaway!

This weekend I finished the third and final book from Andrea Perron’s House of Darkness House of Light trilogy, which very thoroughly documents the very real events that inspired the movie The Conjuring. (More on this soon!) So today, with perfect timing, Dr. Jamie Turndorf’s Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the […]

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