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Medium, spiritual teacher, and bestselling author Claire Broad, returns to convince you that the romanticized concept of twin flames or twin souls is NOT what you think they are. It’s just one chapter out of her book, Heaven Sent: Soul Lessons from the Afterlife, but it’s such a huge topic, which sometimes seems to be polarizing in the spiritual community, so we devoted an entire episode to it! 


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In this episode:

Intro :00

Claire Broad is a medium, spiritual teacher and bestselling author. She gave her first message from the spirit world to a relative at the age of 4 and began developing her ability as a medium from the age of 21. She is accredited as a registered and approved medium with the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums and has built a strong reputation for being deeply spiritually aware, whilst maintaining a down to earth, honest, compassionate approach to her work. Claire resides in Fleet, Hampshire in England. :48

Claire’s new book is called, Heaven Sent: Soul Lessons from the Afterlife1:40

Twin Flames. Did your eyes just roll back in your head? Patrick’s did too! But sit back, because if you thought you knew all about the concept of twin flames, you’re probably wrong! 2:40

Claire was recently featured as a speaker on Howard Hughes’ first cruise! So was Dr. Melvyn Willin, a former guest from episode 145 in 2019. Howard Hughes is an award-winning UK based broadcaster and journalist and he hosts The Unexplained with Howard Hughes4:17

Claire says she is no longer the person she was when she spoke to us last in 2019! Her life changed after having a profound and surreal experience where she met energy healer, Gyles Whitnall. They both now recognize each other as their own twin flame. 6:43

Soul mates are not twin flames. 9:45

Meeting Gyles triggered a Kundalini awakening in Claire. 10:58

“So when I talk about twin souls or twin flames, I’m not talking about romance. That’s for romantic soul mates.” 14:25

Other mediums were approaching Claire with a knowing that Claire had met her twin flame. 15:02

“And I, for the first time, experienced my absolute knowing that I am an eternal consciousness, and that Gyles and I had the exact same frequency, same soul energy, and he was my mirror counterpart. He’s so different from me.” 16:15

“I’ve got to let people know that a twin soul is the the way that universe manifests the soul in to physical embodiment.” 17:40

“No one is special here. We are all twinned.” 18:10

Claire says that if you meet your twin flame, it’s going to turn your life upside down, and that most people aren’t successful in holding the relationship together. 19:40

The synchronicities between Claire and Gyles. 20:45

More on the soul connections that Claire wrote about in her book, Heaven Sent23:00

Health problems, businesses going under, families and relationships falling apart. These are some of the complications that one could experience when meeting your twin flame. “Anything where there is something that you need to work on and heal, because you recognize, I haven’t yet mastered why I’m here.” 25:36

“If you meet your twin flame, you will start to understand how we are all one.” 28:45

Life partners vs romantic soul mates. 29:03

Twin flames won’t necessarily model a traditional romantic pairing. They are sometimes between a gay man and a straight man, two straight women, and often with large age gaps. “It’s going to trigger both people to really evaluate true, unconditional love and who they really are.” Twin flames are not likely to be in the same family. 31:41

Throughout different lifetimes, you always have the same twin flame. You might not necessarily meet them in this lifetime, and that’s okay. 34:44

As twin flames, Claire and Gyles now work together spiritually as a team. 37:10

“And whatever soul connection you are in, it’s divine. We cannot put these soul connections above each other. They are totally equal because we are all one and the same.” 38:10

White Feather, Claire’s guide, helped and guided her through all of this. 38:36

How often do twin flames meet? When does it happen? 41:36

“[If you haven’t met your twin flame], no one has done anything wrong, because you just may not, in this lifetime, want that experience, or need that experience, or be ready for that experience.” 43:15

Tips and things to look for from the book. 45:58

Patrick jokes and wonders, when you think you’ve met your twin flame, is there the risk of a restraining order? “[In] twin souls, there is no way the other person isn’t experiencing it. You can see it unfolding in the other one. It definitely takes bravery to say, ‘how are you experiencing what’s going on here?’, and not everybody is ready for that conversation.” 48:30

“They’re always unconditionally loving. Your twin soul will never hurt you on purpose. Ever. They can’t. They’re you. But as you separate, it’s because it’s needed as both go on their ways to try and heal. And if you are in separation from your twin soul, it’s really starting to understand [that] this is in my best interest. I need this.” “The reason that twin soul connections are so hard, is they will show you everything that isn’t whole within yourself, just by being themselves, because they’re the complete opposite to you. So where they have strengths, you have weakness, and vice versa. And they’re literally mirroring back at you where the work needs to be, for both of you. So you pull each other up, you see. Or you drag each other up, is probably a better term.” 51:29

Final thoughts and details about the book, Heaven Sent53:04

Patrick reflects back on some funny stories Claire has shared with us in her interviews over the years. 55:17

More final thoughts and where to find Claire. 57:41

Outro 58:50

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 1:00:09


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