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Mar 28, 2022 | 0 comments

A Brief Interview with Jim Harold and the best of Jim Harold's Campfire - Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World


Listen to the crackling campfire as we enjoy a special sampling of Jim Harold's Campfire, which has been sharing stories told by ordinary people who've had extraordinary experiences for 17 years! Learn why “people not ready yet”, hear about an evil scarecrow, a beautiful and touching story of fate, a time slip by the creek, a hair-raising night in law enforcement, that “blasted clown doll”, and a UFO abduction while riding a bike! Plus a brand new interview with Jim!


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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :51

Jim Harold is back in the parlor! 1:32

Jim on seventeen years of Jim Harold’s Campfire! 2:35

Jim Harold is currently a financial supporter of the Big Seance, but his support goes way back to when Big Seance first launched in 2014. 3:34

An introduction to this sneak peek of the best of Jim Harold’s Campfire. 4:57

“Stories told by ordinary people who’ve had extraordinary experiences.” What has Jim learned since hearing stories from so many people over the years? 7:10

Listen to the crackle of the campfire and enjoy this special sampling of Jim Harold’s Campfire! Find the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to The Big Seance. 9:09

“People not ready yet.” 10:50

An Evil Scarecrow 18:33

A Touching Story of Fate 23:56

Time Slip By the Creek 36:26

A Hair-Raising Night in Law Enforcement 46:22

That Blasted Clown Doll 1:00:32

UFO Abduction While On a Bike? 1:12:50

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 1:25:13

Outro 1:27:20


For more on Jim Harold


Facebook: @THEJimHarold

Twitter: @TheJimHarold

Instagram: @TheJimHarold

Jim's Previous Appearances on the Big Seance: Episode 77, Episode 47, Episode 19, and Episode 14.


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