Medium Marion Hover Returns – The Big Seance Podcast #121

A return interview with platform medium marion hover: Is mediumship both a blessing and a curse? The Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #121 -


UK platform medium, Marion Hover, returns to the parlor to give us an update on some exciting changes in her paranormal world since we last talked. Hear of visiting spirit children, being pushed to the floor by unseen hands, and learn why being a medium is both a blessing and a curse.


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In this episode: 

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :54

The Big Seance Podcast is now on Patreon, which is a way to join your favorite creator’s community and help them to make content you love. Learn about the benefits of being a patron a little bit later in the show. 1:28

Some background about Patrick’s friend Marion Hover and her last last appearance on the show in 20152:27

The Bio! Welcome, Marion Hover! 4:27

In a leap of faith, and by necessity, Marion left her traditional job and turned her passion and gifts into a a full time career. 5:54

Being a platform medium is both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes the spirit you want to come through isn’t the one who is supposed to come through. 11:40

Have Marion’s abilities grown or changed since her last interview three years ago? 14:55

Validation from sitters 16:05

Platform Reading vs. Private Readings 17:15

Revisiting the concept of Development Circles 19:30

Raising a 10-year-old daughter and the occasional visits from children from the spirit world. 22:05

An amazing story of Marion participating in a paranormal investigation of the Bilsington Priory and being pushed to the ground by the hands of spirit. And she’s glad it happened!26:22

Marion recently did platform readings in France. 38:52

Someone please bring Marion to the US! And send Patrick to the UK! 40:30

Advice for young and developing mediums 42:05

Upcoming events and where to find Marion Hover! 44:35


More about Patreon and becoming a patron of The Big Seance Podcast! 47:29

The very first patrons of the Big Seance Podcast! Thank you SOOOO much!!! 48:57

Outro 50:40


For more on Marion Hover

Facebook: Marion Kay Hover Medium and Clairvoyant

Her previous interview on the show


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