The Haunted Orphanage at Belvoir Winery – The Big Seance Podcast #116

The Haunted Odd Fellows Home Orphanage at Belvoir Winery and an interview with owner, Jesse Leimkuehler - The Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #116


Coverage of Patrick’s road trip and overnight stay at the haunted Odd Fellows Home Orphanage, now known as Belvoir Winery! Plus an in-person interview from the The 1900 Room of Belvoir, with owner Jesse Leimkuehler, who shares some of the history and hauntings, and isn’t afraid to dish about the behind the scenes secrets from the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures investigations!


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In this episode:

Intro :00

Come along with me on a road trip to Belvoir Winery (aka The Odd Fellows Home) in Liberty, Missouri! :46

Tiptoeing around late at night. 2:01

Meet Jesse Leimkuehler, owner of Belvoir Winery! We recorded in The 1900 Room at Belvoir. It was my first in-person interview with real beverages! 5:52

Patrick’s previous experiences with Belvoir and what’s changed since then! It’s now a beautiful Inn as well! 6:53

Purchasing the Odd Fellows Home property and the long journey of renovation. 8:45

The style and design of Belvoir Winery and the Inn. 11:10

The orphanage and some of the history. 13:00

The other buildings on the property. 17:10

For a while, the property was like a small city with around 450 permanent residents, and they even created their own power and water supply. They lived off the land. 20:03

Jesse continues to gather stories from previous residents and orphans, including a funny story about ransacking the candy store in the orphanage! 21:05

When did the paranormal stories and activity start happening? 24:00

Belvoir Winery doesn’t need the paranormal as a gimmick, but Jesse has become a friend of the paranormal community and he has a lot of fun with his haunted property! 29:10

Behind the scenes secrets of the Ghost Hunters investigation of Belvoir! 31:36

Pulling treasures from the walls! Jesse also shares behind the scenes secrets of the incredibly awesome and more recent TV investigation on Ghost Adventures! 39:45

George the skeleton and other Odd Fellows items. 54:07

Some of the events at Belvoir Winery, including Amy Bruni’s Strange Escapes, and the Ghost Brothers! 55:53

A Belvoir Murder Mystery Dinner! 1:02:20

More on Amy Bruni’s Strange Escapes events! 1:03:59

Final thoughts from Jesse. 1:05:29

Belvoir is a unique location for a wedding of ANY kind!! 1:07:17 

My brief interview with Keith Ross of PRI, who organizes weekend paranormal investigations at Belvoir Winery! 1:10:43 

Outro 1:18:40

#Paranerd Hashtag 1:20:19


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