Haunted America Conference 2017 – The Big Seance Podcast #96

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Patrick’s coverage of the 2017 Haunted America Conference in Alton, Illinois. Appearances by April Slaughter, Adam Drendel, Robb Demarest, Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult, Sarah Soderlund, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, and the History Goes Bump Podcast!


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In this episode: 

  • Episode Teaser :00
  • Intro :20
  • On our way to the 2017 Haunted America Conference! :55
  • I know not everyone can attend events like this, so that’s why I like to bring it to you! 2:09
  • April Slaughter, who is involved in a lot of ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) and other spirit communication research, shares the frightening story from her last public seance from last year’s conference. April is also and artist, and she produces beautiful creations out of skulls. You can find April’s site at AprilSlaughter.com. She can also be found on Facebook and @April_Slaughter on Twitter.  4:58
  • Adam Drendel is the founder of HauntedIllinois.com, which has been promoting everything haunted from the state since 1999. 10:48
  • Robb Demarest of Ghost Hunters International and Haunting: Australia gets real and honest. He talks about passion, as well as his frustration with the paranormal community. He can be found of Facebook and @RobbDemarest on Twitter. 12:17
  • The return of Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk of The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult. Hear about their 3D scanning project including haunted items, and the growth of the museum, plus an update to Ruby’s story! For more paranormal deliciousness, visit ParaMuseum.com, and also find them on Facebook and @TheParaMuseum on Twitter. For their full interview right here on the Big Seance Podcast, check out episode 81 from December of 2016. 17:25
  • A very popular speaker at the event this year, Sarah Soderlund is a forensic psychologist, author, and parapsychology researcher. Find her at SarahSoderlund.com and @ParanormalSarah on Twitter. 25:07
  • Checking in again with THE Rosemary Ellen Guiley, who spoke on Interdimensional Paraphysical Sasquatch at this year’s conference! Find more on Rosemary at VisionaryLiving.com, on Facebook, and @Rosemary_Guiley on Twitter. 29:50
  • Investigating the Mineral Springs Hotel overnight on Saturday! Check out my photos from the investigation, and definitely listen to the second episode of Troy Taylor’s brand new podcast, The American Hauntings Podcast, which covers everything you’d want to know about the Mineral Springs Hotel!  34:25
  • For last year’s coverage of the conference, check out episode 67 from July of 2016. 53:43
  • #Paranerd Hashtag 53:43
  • Outro 54:30


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  • Eden

    Another great show! Thanks Patrick!

    I always like hearing Rosemary Ellen Guiley. The clip you got was perfect.

    Take care, Eden

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