Our LIVE Ouija Session with Karen A. Dahlman – The Big Séance Podcast #57

Highlights from our LIVE Ouija Session (2/26/16) with Karen A. Dahlman. Ever wonder how it works? Be a fly on the wall as the mystery of the Ouija board happens! Questions were asked by an interactive audience, and answers were given! Are my loved ones at peace? Did they suffer? Should I write that book? What grade will I get on my project? And just wait until you hear from Jack!


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Live Ouija Session with Karen A. Dahlman on The Big Séance Podcast

In this episode:

  • Episode Preview :00
  • Intro 1:53
  • About what you’re going to hear in this episode. 2:26
    • Thank you to everyone who participated and interacted in this LIVE Ouija Session!
    • The unedited video of the session.
    • Spectral Edition will return next week!
    • Next week’s episode will be on the topic of Meditation and our guest will be Morgan Dix!
  • Here we go! Karen introduces Rodney, her board partner for the evening. 6:06
  • The camera setup 7:37
  • Welcoming and greeting our LIVE viewers. 8:23
  • Karen discusses the opening prayer we’ll be saying before the session, and gives a brief background on her work with the Ouija board. 9:45
  • How it will work and who does what. 15:39
  • Karen leads us in a breathing exercise before the opening prayer. 17:10
  • The Session Begins with an opening statement from the board. 20:27
  • The first viewer question from Lora is asked! 23:20
  • Answer to Lora’s question. 25:50
  • Viewer question from Denise. 28:34
  • Answer to Denise’s question. 32:19
  • Viewer question from Josh. 34:08
  • Answer to Josh’s question. 35:45
  • Viewer question from Deanne. 40:10
  • Answer to Deanne’s question. 43:57
  • 4 of our viewers had similar questions for the board. 48:10
  • Answer to our group question. 50:47
  • Viewer question from Ryan. 54:26
  • Answer to Ryan’s question. 55:21
  • Viewer question from John. 59:15
  • Answer to John’s question. 1:00:38
  • Viewer question from P.C. 1:02:51
  • Answer to P.C.’s question. 1:05:00
  • More answers to P.C.’s question. 1:08:40
  • Viewer question #1 from Crystal. 1:11:55
  • Answer to Crystal’s first question. 1:15:22
  • Viewer question #2 from Crystal. 1:18:55
  • Answer to Crystal’s second question. 1:20:05
  • Closing Statement from the board. 1:24:00
  • Thank you Karen and Rodney! More information about Karen A. Dahlman, her site, and her books. 1:26:55
  • Outro 1:31:25


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3 responses to “Our LIVE Ouija Session with Karen A. Dahlman – The Big Séance Podcast #57

  • John Rudkin

    Shouldn’t those touching the ouija board be blindfolded…..and the board randomly moved……for the results to be credible?

    • Karen A. Dahlman

      Hi John.

      Interesting you bring up the blind-folded question. I have participated in the blind folded “experiment” with a Board partner of mine back in the mid 80s when I was in college. (I write about this in my book: The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication.) In brevity, we were both blindfolded and used a Board that was not mine, but belonged to the other board operator. The message came in spelled perfectly from a deceased loved one of another who was sitting in the room as an observer. The session was opened up to any message we needed to receive and that is when that deceased loved one came through. There is much more to that story that is amazingly shocking!

      This experiment will work, but I have found that it will only work for those who have: #1) been using the Board, thus have made vibrational connections with the frequencies found within other dimensions. #2) have a connection or relationship with each other and have been using the Board together for some time. #3) trust the other person and the process of being blind-folded. #4.) the spirit who is communicating through the planchette had the ability at one time to see with eyes and therefore, does not need our eyes to see the letters.

      There is so much time, effort, patience and persistence involved with using the Board where one gets to a place where the messages from higher dimensions just flow. The deceased are a lot easier to contact because they are closer to us in their vibration. Reaching into other dimensions requires much, much work and practice. So, anyone attempting the blind-folded experiment without having the four items listed above in place will most likely fail.

      These days, for me, it’s not about whether we prove that this tool works or for others to believe. I strictly share it with others so they may have an opportunity to communicate with these Light Beings or other spirits/consciousness they may desire to reach that otherwise, they may not have that option for such an open communication at this level. Another reason I share this work, is for those to discover hope that their loved ones continue on in peace. One more reason, is to offer the opportunity for others to work with these Light Beings of Source Energy whose love is unconditional for us and to be reminded of their own empowerment so they many maneuver through life with greater ease and joy.

      As always I/they suggest that the viewers suspend belief, but instead, listen to the message and feel how it resonates for themselves. The message is the take-away.

  • Amber Choisella


    I just heard this episode and I absolutely LOVED it! I love the people you interview for this podcast! I always feel myself saying, “yep that’s true, uh-huh, that’s so true”, and others I’m sure! And Karen, I LOVE your truth! You have turned something so taboo into a divination tool of strength! Thank you, can’t say it enough!!!!!

    Love & Blessings,

    Amber Choisella

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